"I love the Eric and Kaycee for so many reasons, but the thing that stands out in my mind is the goodness they radiate. Time and time again I have seen them share the blessings God has given them with other people. From donating time and money so kids could have a happy Christmas, to giving their dinner to a homeless person that many others had walked past. They do all of this behind closed doors, without the praise and admiration of others. Their home is a happy one, filled with laughter, loud music, kids dress up clothes scattered on the floor, art projects on the fridge and everything else you could want. But, my favorite thing about their home is how I feel when I'm in it. I feel at peace. I feel happy. I feel safe. All of that comes from the love they give to others. They are GOOD people who try to do the right thing and have fun while they're doing it. I consider myself blessed to be their friend. "

AIMEE GOUGH ENDORSED | Honest, Hard Working, Family Oriented, Fun, Outdoorsy

"Kaycee and Eric are the best! They have hearts of gold and are so loving and giving! Kaycee had 1 birth sister and 2 adopted sisters, and she is the best big sister to them all. Both she and Eric are wonderful role models who give of themselves to all of their family members and friends. And child would be blessed to grow up in their loving care. "

"I am a close friend of Eric & Kaycee and have had to pleasure of spending a lot of time with their family. I have witnessed first hand the amount of love that they give to their children every day. They provide their children with endless opportunities of self-discovery through baseball teams, dance classes, church activities, and daily adventures. But even more importantly Eric & Kaycee are hands-on, all-in kind of parents. They are best friends and the best team. Together they have created a home where their children are not only safe and loved, but free to express themselves and free to make mistakes in order to learn from them. It's not every day you meet a three year old struggling to ride a scooter and as he grows more frustrated he takes a deep breathe and says, "we don't quit." As parents, these two have taught their children that they can do anything and together as a family they can handle everything life throws their way. I have no doubt in my mind that in expanding their family, Eric & Kaycee will continue to be the greatest team. "

Alexis Thein ENDORSED | Honest, Hard Working, Family Oriented, Fun, Outdoorsy

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