Melissa & David

Hoping to Adopt (South Carolina)


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Daniel, Jamie and Lena Phipps


I have known David Alan for around 14 years and Melissa since shortly after the two of them started dating. David Alan is one of my best friends and has been for such a long time. It is hard to adequately describe how great these two are as individuals and as a couple. They were both kind, caring and hard-working people who approach all areas of their lives with passion and enthusiasm. I know any child would be welcomed into their home and would be so lucky to be a part of that family.

Daniel, Jamie and Lena Phipps Endorsed Creative, Optimistic & Friendly, Kind & Respectful, Perserverence , Communication

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Carol King Perry

Sister of David

I have known David Alan my entire life! He is my older brother. I have known Melissa for almost 10 years since they first started dating in 2014. I have watched them progress and grow as a couple and realized they possess amazing qualities to become parents. They are a strong and loving couple who bring out the best in each other. I have no doubt that as parents they will do everything as a team and put their child first, as they do with family now. As David’s younger sister, I watched him grow into the gentle, positive, and hardworking man he is today. He is helpful and organized when he helps Melissa with school work or around the house. He is gentle, smart, and also has a good sense of humor. David and Melissa have family as their number 1 priority. They always look forward to hosting gatherings at their home, where guests are showered with love and kindness (and of course, always something good to eat!). During gatherings, I have watched Melissa and David interact with our nephew and they are so good with talking to him, playing with him, and listening to what he has to say. It does not take long for David and our nephew to go outside and immediately start playing catch! Melissa also has many amazing qualities that will make her a great mother; she is generous, thoughtful, and extremely creative. I look forward to the day I see where Melissa and her child are in the kitchen baking or designing craft projects together! Their future child will be comfortable in a home with David and Melissa as parents. They will be heard, respected, and have the freedom to be open-minded individuals. David and Melissa will listen to everything their child has to say and will approach everything as patient and understanding parents. They will be there for every knee scrape, every tear shed, every sporting event, and every hug that their child needs.

Carol King Perry Endorsed Creative, Optimistic & Friendly, Kind & Respectful, Perserverence , Communication

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Meredith Adams

friend and colleague

Melissa and Alan (David) are a wonderful family already and they would be honored to add your little one to their family. I work with Melissa as a high school teacher and she truly has a heart for the students. She cares so much more about their physical, emotional, and mental well-being in addition to their academic growth. Melissa desires to see her students flourish as well-rounded young adults and provides a safe place for them to do that. I've only met Alan a couple of times, but he seems like such a supportive husband and I know he will be an involved father. He works hard and loves Melissa deeply.

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David and Margaret King

Mother and Father

We have known David Alan for 34 years for Alan is our son. His strengths are loving, kind, brave and perseverance. He has such gratitude for all things in his and Melissa's future. His love of family has been evident in his value to understand his dad, mom, his two sisters, his 2 brothers in law and his nephew. Family means everything to Alan. My husband and I have been married 34 years and we have instilled wisdom, knowledge, and humanity in all of our children. We have known Melissa since 2015. It was such a pleasure to meet her . She had the right qualities to be a wonderful wife and mother. We welcomed her into the King family immediately.Melissa is such a wonderful girl with qualities as enthusiasm, trustworthy, creativity, and patience. She is works hard with her drama students and has dedication and respectfulness for them. We were so tickled when she became Alan's wife. She is the ying to Alan's yang. They complete each other. Alan and Melissa would love to be parents. They would re-create their own childhood joys. Grow and share family love. The would protect and care in order to insure the child's healthy development into adulthood. The importance of the child does not depend on a biological connection but on the love and care of the child itself.

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Sarah Smith


I have known Melissa since college and there is no one I know better suited to be a mom. She is warm, kind, smart, hilarious and one of the most moral people I’ve ever met. She doesn’t judge people and she’s always there to listen and commiserate if you need it. Melissa loves books, movies, tv shows, theatre, games- almost any kind of pop culture you could think of- and we used to spend hours joking about or analyzing something we’d just read or watched. Any child raised by her would be well rounded and interesting and probably very good at pop culture trivia! I don’t know David as well as I do Melissa. They met after college and we live an hour apart so we don’t all meet up as often as we used to. He’s always friendly though and makes sure to ask how I am and how my family is. He seems quiet but solid and sharp and there’s definitely humor there. What I do know is that anytime I see them together, I can see their love for each other. They support each other and laugh together and that would be a gift for any child to grow up around. Did I mention that Melissa loves baking? She makes some absolutely gorgeous pies that are so SO delicious! These two would be such wonderful parents! Please choose them!

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Graison Scott

Niece In-Law

Melissa and David have such big and loving hearts. They have always showed love to our two year old daughter from day one. I have no doubt that any baby they get will be showered with love and care.

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Sidney Scott


I’ve known Melissa since the day I was born. Every memory I have with her is filled with so much love, especially the ones from when I was very young. She used to babysit me, and all of those memories are filled with so much happiness and love. She was an amazing babysitter, and as I’ve seen her and David spend time with my younger siblings and my niece I have seen firsthand how amazing they would be as parents.

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Dianne Scott

Melissa’s mother

Alan and Melissa are two of the most amazing people that I know they are loving caring very much understanding people they would make amazing parents this has been one of Melissa‘s dreams to be a mother she told me she was born to be a mother which I know this. any child that had Alan and Melissa as parents would be very blessed they would have a wonderful amazing loving life and family they would be insured to have a wonderful education love of books the love of family. Alan and Melissa has so much love and wants to give this love to their child.

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Emma Parker


I have known Melissa for a year and a half now, and she has been the best mentor I could ask for on my journey to becoming a teacher. Students absolutely adore her for her dedication, generosity, empathy, and passion for teaching theatre. Melissa puts her whole heart into everything she does, and I know that her children would be her whole life. She never, ever gives up, which is evident by how long she’s been trying to be a mom. Any child would be lucky to grow up in such an accepting and loving family.

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Katie Thomas

Family Friend

Melissa and Alan are awesome! I would describe them as, endearing, thoughtful, and hard working. Their home is my favorite to visit, you are always welcomed and feel loved!

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