Krissa & Gary

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)



There are so many memories we are looking forward to making! We want to make new traditions for the holidays like Santa at Christmas, Elf on the shelf, Christmas candy/movie countdowns and more. We always wake up early and go to grandparents Christmas morning to see what Santa brought everyone. We always celebrate other holidays and birthdays together with our families, too. We enjoy cooking together, playing games, grilling outdoors. We can't wait to have children of our own to make these dreams become our life!


We live in a home on the outskirts of town right outside the city limits. We have space between houses, but are close enough to enjoy knowing our neighbors and being part of a close-knit neighborhood. Our house is on more than six acres of land so we have plenty of yard space and places to visit and spend time together. And of course plenty of room for the goats! We have a swimming pool and backyard patio to hang out during the summer with family and friends. We spend almost every evening in spring, summer, and fall in the yard! We water flowers, swing golf clubs, work on crafts, watch the dogs play, and enjoy being together!


We love our animals! We have two dogs, Annie and Lilly. Annie is a border collie and Bassett hound mix (she was free at a yard sale), and she is hands-down the sweetest dog with the kindest soul you'll ever meet! Lillybell is a Boston terrier with a whole lot of spunk! She is only three years old. They both love to go on the boat while we go fishing. We also have a cat named Tommy. Tommy is one of five kitties I rescued while I was going through nursing school. I bottle fed them all and they all survived! Tommy is the last one of them we have around here. Rylee recently moved a new cat into town named Pablo. He's an ornery kitty, but cute. Pico is a pineapple green-cheeked conure (like a mini parrot). We've had Pico for about five years. He is a fancy boy and he knows it! He likes to go outside when it is warm, and he loves singing with the other wild birds. He likes music and can say a few words. And then we have our goats! As we mentioned earlier, Rylee has always loved animals. She went through a stage where she loved parrots and would draw them and research all about them, so enter Pico. We all love to watch goats, and we have enough land at the house for them so we decided we would give goat farming a try.


Rylee is Gary's daughter from his first marriage and Krissa's stepdaughter. She turned 16 in April (speaking of how time flies!). She lives with her mother but spends a lot of time at the house with us. She visits mostly two weekends a month and lots of holidays as well. We enjoy the summers when she stays with us. Rylee loves animals so we visit places like zoos and aquariums. She loves music, and of course, spending time with her friends. She is already making plans for college!

Why Adoption

We started trying to add to our family shortly after we got married. We had problems from the beginning and lost several pregnancies. We tried IVF (in vitro fertilization) in 2013, and it worked! We were pregnant with two baby boys, Benjamin and Gavin. However, at six months, I developed pre-eclampsia and we lost our sons. We have had many years to grieve, heal, and to pray. We feel happy and blessed that God allowed us to be their parents, even if it was just for a tiny bit. We are ready to welcome a new child into our lives! We love kids. We didn't grow up in large families, but we want to experience the love and joy that children will bring to our family. We have so much love to give a child, and we have loving families too. We are both blessed with good jobs that will help us provide for a growing family, and also allow us freedom to be with our family and enjoy our time off. We are so excited to grow our family! We have so many more memories to make in the future, and that gives us hope.

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