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Our family of three has room to grow. Will you help us? Text or call (540) 621-3499.
"We are voyagers!" - Moana

Hi expectant parents,

About nine years ago, Robert and I realized we were ready to start a family. What we didn't know at the time was, family can grow in many different ways. We tried to have a child biologically, but after two years, we realized that wasn't the path for us.

Family rocks. We're excited to grow our family through adoption.

We soon turned our attention to adoption and, through that journey, ended up changing our lives forever. It was the best choice we ever made together.

Our daughter Temperance is now five years old. She is a beautiful, intelligent, funny, clever and loving little girl. If all this life ever gave us was her and each other, it would be enough. That's because we have a wonderful life, and we're thankful for it every single day. But we began to think recently ... what if we could share what we have with another child? What if we added one or two more to our little family to share everything this wonderful life has to give? Once that seed was planted, we didn't look back.

So here we are, hoping again to grow our family through adoption. We've gone through the home study process, we've made our home ready, and now we're spreading the word. Just as soon as we find a match, we'll get started on building once again. Will you help?

If you are considering an adoption plan for your child, we'd be honored if you would consider us in your search for adoptive parents. To get a hold of us or to learn more:

Call or text: 1-540-621-3499
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Kris, Robert and Tempe
Robert at NASA.

Robert at NASA.

From Robert

"I was born and raised in England, where my Father told me of his adventures and travels in the United States, a land of opportunity. I have had a wonderful journey through life, with the honor to serve in America's Armed Forces. Now I would love the chance to share my adventures and travels with your child.

I'd love to share my adventures with your child!

So I ask for the opportunity to be a Father myself once again."
Kris in Washington, D.C.

Kris in Washington, D.C.

From Kris

"No life is perfect. But I do believe this life we all share is quite amazing, no matter what your path. I look forward to seeing this amazing life through the eyes of your child, sharing in the laughter, the wonder, the tears, the challenges and all the rewards it will bring to all of us as a family.

Life happens. Roll with it and enjoy!

My hope is that Robert and I will be given the opportunity to provide a secure, loving and welcoming home to another little soul who deserves the world."
Tempe in her favorite summer attire - a bathing suit.

Tempe in her favorite summer attire - a bathing suit.


Tempe was adopted at birth just five years ago in April. She's the light of our lives. We can't even begin to express how much joy she has brought into our lives. Through her we have learned how to be parents, and she has given us the gift of her presence, which always comes with laughter.

Tempe is looking forward to welcoming a brother or sister into our home and to sharing her experiences with a sibling. She said, "if it's a girl, she can sleep next to me in my room, but if it's a boy, he can have his own room." We assure you each child will have his or her own room. But we got a chuckle out of that one.
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