The Baby Room

Apr 30, 2017

We had such a fun time creating a warm, safe and cozy environment for Tempe before she was born. Her nursery was our favorite room in the house. And now that she's five, her room is still pretty awesome. We're working to gather some ideas for our new addition, when he or she comes. Whether it's a newborn or a child up to the age of two, we plan to create just as awesome of a room.

Although we've bought some basics, until we know exactly who he or she is, we want to wait to build an environment around them. So we've been working on Pinterest boards for a boy and a girl. (And if it's twins, well, that's a whole different story!)

Visit our boards!



It could be that the room looks nothing like anything on these boards, because when we do add a new brother or sister, we may get lots and lots of gifts from friends and family, like we did for Tempe. And those gifts will likely influence his or her room.

You might be wondering about our board names. Well, Robert's brother recently had his DNA tested for ancestry. He found he was 17% Scandinavian, meaning he could have Viking ancestry. So we used Viking names for our boy and girl boards just for fun. 

Why be normal, right?

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