Our Nursery

May 09, 2017

Our lovely friends gave us a crib that converts to a toddler bed, a dresser and a glider rocker just last night. We were waiting to find out if our new addition would be a boy or a girl before we furnished our nursery. What a nice surprise! The finish is cherry, so no matter if we have a boy or girl, the color is versatile!

Once we do know who we're bringing home, we'll ask GiGi (Robert's mum) to make us a cover for the glider, and perhaps a pillow or two as well. She's made Tempe quilts, pillows, a bean bag chair and lots of dolls. Tempe cherishes them all. She can't wait to start sewing for a sister or brother.

Be sure to visit the Our Nursery photo album to see the rest of the furniture!

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