Tic Tac Toe

May 12, 2017

One of our favorite restaurants has the coolest kids' menu. On one side is a coloring page full of sea animals and on the other is a full page of games. One, of course, is tic tac toe. (If you recall, Pop Pop is the master, but as Tempe practices more and more, she's starting to win more!) Pictured here is Tempe and Robert playing their second hand at TTT.

We go out to dinner once a week, and each week one of us gets to choose which restaurant. Tempe is currently on a roll with one of the Asian restaurants in town, because she loves the rock shrimp. Huge shrimp covered in panko breadcrumbs on a bed of rocket (Arugula lettuce) and dipping sauce. She always tries the sauce knowing it's going to be too hot for her. Robert has started trying different things every time, and Kris usually gets sushi.

Next time it's Kris's time to choose. Maybe we'll just have to hit Texas Roadhouse for some good old American chain hamburgers. 

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