Our 2017 England Trip

May 16, 2017

(Image from Port Lymphe website: http://www.visitkent.co.uk/attractions/port-lympne-reserve/8620)

Remember we said we're planning a trip to England this year? Well, it's booked. We're going in August. (But believe me, if we are fortunate enough to adopt, our plans and priorities will change swiftly ... that's what trip insurance is for.) We can't tell you how psyched we are to be going, as we've booked an adventure.

Port Lymphe is an animal reserve in Kent, England, where animals roam on over 600 acres of farmland. We went last year, and took a safari. We saw cheetah, lions, giraffe, orangutans, wild dogs, hyenas, zebra, European wolves, Bengal tigers and countless other animals. We also noticed places where you can "glamp" or stay in a treehouse. We said at the time, if we have the chance, we'll stay overnight. And guess what ... we are!

We've booked an overnight stay in one of the Port Lymphe treehouses. The three of us plus GiGi and Pop will check in, get settled, then start our adventure. We'll have our very own golf cart to drive around the reserve and (best of all) will be able to look out over the entire park from our treehouse!

Of course this adventure doesn't even come close to the adventures we've had building our family. Every day is fun and full of connection, even at home. While we're looking forward to some family time with Robert's parents and brother (who lives in Utah ... have we mentioned him yet?), we can't wait to welcome another member to our family. Oh what adventures we'll have throughout the years. 

It will be a few months before this England adventure begins. Until then, we have preschool graduation, gymnastics, lots of pool time in our neighborhood, backyard camping, July fireworks, a day trip to a girl's camp in Southern Virginia, two drives to Kentucky to visit Kris's parents, and more!

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