"Kristen and Robert Martin are close friends of mine that I cherish dearly. I first met Kristen in 1997 while working in the same office in Lexington,Ky and we have been good friends since. Even after Kristen and Robert moved to Virginia we have remained connected via visits and many messages regularly. I was excited for my friends when their daughter joined them and very happy to hear they are wanting to expand their family with another child through adoption. Kristen is a wonderful mother full of patience, creativity, love and intelligence. Robert is energetic, hard working, and dedicated to his family. Together they have formed an excellent parental team full of love, fun and strong ethics/values. The glow I see coming from these parents during day to day activities with their daughter makes me proud to recommend them as parents."

Jamie Hargis ENDORSED | Family-focused, Love Reading And Learning, Enjoy New Experiences, Have A Lovely Comfortable Home, Unpredictably Silly, Would Have A Zoo Of Dogs If We Could, Have Traveled Quite A Bit, Are Fiends For Star Wars And Harry Potter, Are Fiercely Loyal Friends, Invest In Education, Believe Too Much Stuff Distracts From Life

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