Thank you!
Our names are Lane and Mallory. We are hopeful adoptive parents and we are grateful that you have taken the time to get to know us. We are excited to one day become parents, and we feel blessed that adoption has become a part of that journey.

We feel blessed that adoption has become a part of our lives!

We wish you happiness in your life no matter what you choose for your child!
Down at the creek at our family campground.  This is one of our favorite places on earth!

Down at the creek at our family campground. This is one of our favorite places on earth!

This is us!

Lane was born and raised in Idaho. His dad was a farmer and his mom was a teacher. He grew up with a deep love for the outdoors.

Our favorite thing is to simply be together.

Lane is also the youngest of 14 children! Family was always the center of his life. There are now 65+ nieces and nephews, 15+ great-nieces and nephews, and more love than can be put into words!

Mallory's childhood was spent in the Pacific Northwest. Her dad works in insurance and her mom is a dental hygienist. When she was 14 her dad’s job moved the family to New Hampshire. Mallory met friends that have lasted, fell in love with fall trees, and learned that family can get you through anything. She is the middle of three children with an older sister and younger brother. Her family is extremely close with one another, even though they are spread across the country now. In a few short months her parents will be moving to our town and we cannot wait!

Lane and Mallory met in college at Brigham Young University-Idaho. Mallory was in her senior year and Lane was in his freshman year. Lane was behind in school due to serving a mission in Mexico for our church. Mallory still love to tease him that he was a freshman and she was a senior--especially since he had braces when we met! We are both quiet people when you first meet us, but we are out going and loud once we are comfortable. The night in September we met was different. For some reason we were instantly connected. Before the week was over we were dating, and a few short weeks later we were engaged. We were married the next June in Boston, Massachusetts.

Lane graduated with a degree in finance a couple years later and began working for Wells Fargo. He began his career as a teller, became a banker, then an assistant manager, and now he manages his own store. While he was an assistant manager he worked on his Master's degree at night. He would work long days, then spend the evening doing school work. He graduated last year with a 3.9 GPA! All of that was accomplished in just under four years! Mallory loves to brag about him and share how proud she is of how hard he works and all that he does to support our family!

Mallory graduated with a degree in elementary education before we were married. She dreamed of teaching 5th grade, but was hired to be a kindergarten teacher. She soon learned that she was meant to spend her life with five and six year olds. It is not unusual for her to spend extra time doing things for her students. She loves to spend her free time planning fun activities or making sure to find ways to show her love. Last year she crocheted each child a hat for Christmas! She has now taught for seven years and has loved every moment of it.

We are happy people! Our favorite thing is to simply be together. We have different hobbies depending on the time of year. In the summer we love to camp. Our favorite place to go is some land that is owed by Lane's family. Lane has been camping there his entire life. We love to hike, swim and explore. We love holidays! The fall and winter are full of Halloween decorations and Christmas decorations. We are the people who have our tree up November 1st. We put orange lights on our house for Halloween. We love holiday music and traditions that come with holidays. We especially love being with family. Throughout the year you will find us at our kitchen table playing games. Music will be on in the background as we play endless rounds of board games or cards. We are a little competitive, but there is always laughter and fun! We can't wait to someday add a child to our family and fill their lives with the love that we feel everyday!
At a New England Patriots game!

At a New England Patriots game!


Thoughts about Mallory by Lane:
I can’t believe it has been almost 8 years since I met Mallory. I was instantly drawn to her smile and fun personality. We just seemed to “click” and have had a blast together ever since.

We were instant friends!

One of my favorite things about Mallory is the passion she has to be around kids. She truly loves her career as a kindergarten teacher. I get to hear how these kids have made a difference in Mallory’s life on a daily basis. The way that she interacts with her nieces and nephews shows me that she will be such an amazing mother. I am excited for the day that she gets to hold that first child in her arms. I love you Mallory!

Thoughts about Lane by Mallory:
I always tell people they have to earn Lane. He’s not shy, but people often think he is. My favorite thing about our relationship is that I didn’t have to earn him. We were instant friends and quickly evolved into more. Lane is the hardest working person I know. He gets done what needs to be done and is always motivated to do his best. I am so proud of how well he has done in his career. Lane is fiercely loyal. He loves his family more than anything. When I ask him what he wants to do he almost always says he just wants to hang out with me. He’ll see any chick flick with me and walk around Target if I want. I am always amazed that I was lucky enough to find someone who is happy just to be with me. I love watching him play volleyball, watch a football game, or even just talk with a friend. His positive attitude and easy going demeanor make him the best part of my life.
Lane and Mallory

Lane and Mallory

Thank you!

We are often asked how we came to adoption. Adoption kind of found us. Last year, after years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive a baby, a family friend from Mallory's past came to us when she was 11 weeks pregnant and asked if we wanted to adopt her baby.

There may only be two of us, but we are a family full of love!

We spent the next months building a relationship with her and her daughter. We traveled to Florida to go to an ultrasound and spend some quality time with them. We were in Florida when the baby was born and spent a beautiful day holding her. Her mom chose to parent, but we learned so much from that experience. We felt so much love for the expectant mother, her daughter, and the baby. We still love them and hope that they have happiness in their lives. We know that relationships grow between people and beautiful things come from it. We are thrilled for adoption to be a part of our lives. We are full of excitement as we wait to see what will come in our future!

We wish you the best in your journey and hope that you find peace in your life. Thank you for considering us and taking a moment to learn about our family. There may only be two of us, but we are a family full of love!
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