Cody's Funeral

Oct 02, 2016

A couple of weeks ago our nephew passed away at 28 years old. He had struggled his entire life with health issues. Lane was an honorary pallbearer. In the picture he is standing next to his nephew and brother. We spent a wonderful weekend surrounded by family as we celebrated the life of Cody. We feel so blessed to have the family that we do. 


Aug 12, 2016

Kindergarten starts in less than two weeks!  There is always so much to do to get ready.  This week I need to take apart math work books.  I had binding cut off, set out 24 books, and started walking around my table to separate them.  It was taking me FOREVER!  Lane brought out a computer so that I could watch some Blue Bloods while I worked.  Then a couple friends found out what I was doing and came over to help.  In one night we finished the second volume!  

Lane and I often talk about how wonderful our families are, but we have amazing friends around us as well.  They are eager to help and love us.  My favorite part is that they let us love on their children.  Lane entertained two little ones while we worked in the kitchen.  This picture is a new favorite!

Clifford's Mountain

Jul 08, 2016

We spent the weekend camping with Lane's parents.  Lots of hiking, games, stories, and yummy food!

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