"Mallory lived by my family when my kids were young and quickly became our favorite babysitter. As a teenager she attended many midnight Harry Potter book releases with my young kids! Through the years, she has stayed close to our family and is still my kids (now some college age) trusted friend and confidant. Mallory and Lane have a very loving and loyal marriage, with a depth many never develop. They are also the type of people that you smile more when you are around and you enjoy their company. They both excel at their jobs, work hard, and are fiscally responsible in their choices. They enjoy being creative with the fun activities they do and always invite others to join in. They have many great traditions and Lane, who we secretly call Mr. Christmas, makes holidays special. I can't imagine what joy it would be to be raised by them! "

Britton Albiston ENDORSED | Loving, Family Centered, Hard Working, Fun Home, Positive

"We have known Lane and Mallory for over 4 years now. And we love them. They are the best of the best. Ours kids adore them. Mallory has been our oldest daughter's Kindergarten teacher. I wish she could be her teacher for every grade. She has a big heart and is so patient and kind with each of her kids. Our daughter often referred to her as one of her best friends. She is one of those people that makes you feel important. We have become close friends and I admire the way she handles adversity. She knows how to handle hard things. She has a kind heart and quick wit. They often help us with our kids at church, taking and entertaining one or the other when I need a hand. Lane and our third daughter are two peas in a pod. She's often heard, in the quiet of a church meeting, yelling, "There's Lane! There's Lane!" She's a wild one and somehow they just work. Clark and I love to go and play volleyball, or really any games, with Lane. He is fiercely competitive while cracking jokes at the same time. He has a view and zest for life that is shown in his yearly display of Christmas lights and Halloween decorations. Their house is a must stop at Halloween. I have also watched him with my newborn. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it felt calm and peaceful. His arms need a baby to hold. i know it sounds silly, but it's true. We are so excited for Lane and Mallory to adopt. They are already parents, waiting for their child to arrive these past few years. I hope, if you are considering adoption, you will know this couple will love and give their hearts to the child that comes to them."

Clark and Andrea DaBell ENDORSED | Loving, Family Centered, Hard Working, Fun Home, Positive

"We have known Mallory and Lane for many years and feel lucky to be numbered among their close friends. Mallory and Aubrey lived next door to each other in college and then we also lived in the same apartment complex and also as next door neighbors as married couples. They are some our very favorite people! We can't wait for Mallory and Lane to add to their family through adoption! They are kind and loving friends and will make wonderful parents. We have been so impressed with how they have dealt with their struggle to start a family. They are filled with so much hope and love for each other. They constantly lean on each other for support and have such a strong relationship. They love having fun and spending time together. Lane and Mallory love to laugh and all of our favorite memories with them include a lot of laughter! They are hard working and so family oriented. Our family recently got to spend a week with them in their home and it was the best! Our kids love playing with them and their sweet dog Judge. Their home is already filled with so much joy and happiness, they are just waiting for a wonderful new addition! We know that as you get to know Mallory and Lane, you will very quickly come to love them the way we do! We are so excited for them to expand their family through adoption!!"

Aubrey and Bobby Wolfe ENDORSED | Loving, Family Centered, Hard Working, Fun Home, Positive

"Lane and Mallory are who I would want to raise my children if I couldn’t! I have known Mallory and Lane for a number of years and have been impressed with them from the first moment! My relationship grew into friendship when Mallory moved to the classroom next to mine. On a daily basis I have been able to witness the love that she pours into her classroom as she attends to the needs of each little child. Her nurturing personality is evident as she offers her whole heart to others of all ages through her compassionate acts of service. I have also been able to see how they support each other in both their professional and private lives. Lane and Mallory have a strong, fun and loving relationship. It’s obvious family is their first priority as they do many things together and with their extended family. This family has a solid foundation based on faith, values and moral principles. I have watched them meet challenges with a positive attitude and determination. They have so much to offer a child: protection, opportunity, stability…but mostly unconditional love. "

Suzanne Weekes ENDORSED | Loving, Family Centered, Hard Working, Fun Home, Positive

"I am Mallory's sister, and Lane's sister-in-law. Mallory and Lane are the very best kind of people. They love each other so much, anyone that knows them can feel it. They are kind, caring and incredibly fun to be around. Mallory has always been fantastic with children, for her whole life really. She has always enjoyed working with kids, even in her teenage years, and now is a wonderful and talented kindergarten teacher. Lane, being raised in a big family, also has lots of experience with kids and is amazing with them. My oldest actually refers to him as "best friend" and it's the cutest. My kids love Mallory and Lane more than I can begin to express. They are always so excited to talk to TeeTee and Uncle Lane, and love to visit them. Whenever we get to spend time together, Mallory and Lane are always thinking of fun things to do and trying to spend quality time with my kids. Mallory never ceases to amaze me with all of the fun and educational activities she has waiting for them, and Lane is always ready to jump at the chance to shoot hoops or play catch with them. I would trust Mallory and Lane with my kids in any situation. Someday Mallory and Lane are going to make the best parents. Their baby will be so loved and blessed to be a part of their family, and Mallory and Lane will likewise be blessed to be the baby's parents. I can't wait for that day. I don't know anyone more ready or better suited to be parents! They already have a home that if filled with love and centered on family. Mallory and Lane are loving, hard working, patient, happy, caring, fun, game playing, active, camping addicted, Christ centered people. They are my favorite. They would do anything for my kids and my family, without even being asked. I can't really find the words to adequately recommend them, other than to say that I would trust them with my own children's lives. I can't wait to watch them raise their own family someday."

Shelby ENDORSED | Loving, Family Centered, Hard Working, Fun Home, Positive

"To recommend Mallory and Lane is one of the easiest things I've ever been asked to do!!! What a great couple, and I don't just say that because I'm mom, they are awesome!!!! They are so strong. They have been through so much trying to start a family and they continue to have such a good attitude. I've been right there with them through some very deep disappointments and they just come out better than I could ever imagine. They are fun loving, FUN people! They are quiet at first but get to know them and they are a hoot. They are active with a desire to be healthy. They love their families and love being with them. They are dedicated, loyal, kind, and hard working. I can't say it any other way than they are just the best! We love them to pieces!!!!"

Stephanie ENDORSED | Loving, Family Centered, Hard Working, Fun Home, Positive

"Oh, where do I even start? Lane and Mallory are possibly the two best people I've ever met. They are fun-loving and kind. They are loyal and dedicated. They are positive and up-lifting. My husband and I would easily trust them to raise our children if we could not. Mallory has touched the lives of so many children through her employment as a kindergarten teacher and relates to and loves them on their level. Lane is kind and hard-working and quite the toddler charmer :) But perhaps more important than a list of words are their relationships with people. Lane and Mallory love people. They serve people. They show interest in other peoples' children. They have found ways to love and influence children even though they do not have their own. I have four kids and they all adore them. Their home is a safe place for my them in a world where those places are few. Please consider Lane and Mallory as adoptive parents. Shiloh Carter"

Shiloh Carter ENDORSED | Loving, Family Centered, Hard Working, Fun Home, Positive

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