Birthday girl!!

Apr 28, 2020

Birthdays are HUGE around our house. During the corona pandemic, Miss Marley was sad she was unable to have a party with friends and family...we weren't about to let that ruin her day! We made her favorite breakfast, baked all day, tried some new pinterest recipes, decorated the home, had a scavenger hunt for her gifts and a family car parade and delivered cake & ice cream to cars!! She said it was her favorite birthday. Perfect day for a perfect little 9 yr old.

Another quarantine weekend getaway to the mountains

Apr 08, 2020

We love when daddy gets off work and takes us away to the mountains to spend quality time away from the covid-19 outbreak in the peaceful mountains!! "School Spring break" this weekend and we definitely took advatange of it. One of the funnest weekend getaways. Dirt bike & razor riding, spotting deer, chalk art, fire with marshmallow roasting, puzzles and games, walks to the kids favorite rocks trails, staying up late, sleeping in and no phones weekend!

Razor ride during quarantine

Mar 29, 2020

This is a interesting time in our lives. While in quarantine during the covid-19 outbreak we are keeping our spirits up being together as a family, staying healthy & teaching the kids how to distance themselves while still be able to communicate through internet & phone calls with family and friends. We enjoyed getting out and enjoying some fresh air, time away from the home, but being present & together.

School projects

Mar 07, 2020

Renaissance fair for Taige and his teammates. It was fun to go see how hard they have all been working at school. They got to be butchers from the 1800's. They had so much fun and the kids loved their booth. 

Lots of family support today for dance ❤

Feb 23, 2020

Another day of dance for Marley and lots of family came to support. Then we all went to lunch after! Then back later in the evening for more dancing fun. They supported her all day long! She is so lucky.

Dance weekend is here

Feb 22, 2020

Marley has been counting down the days until she can perform what she loves and has been working so hard for. Dance is her passion and she loves every minute of it. 

Letters in the mail

Feb 17, 2020

The kids love getting mail...(let's be honest, we all Their grandparents all live within 10 minutes, but they love to send the grandchildren letters with a surprise in it for holidays. And the kids love opening the mailbox to see when their cards arrive. A tradition they LOVE ❤

Valentine's dinner ❤

Feb 16, 2020

We had a fun Valentine's day! Lindsay helped with Marley's school class party. She brought Valentine's Bingo. The kids had so much fun yelling bingo and winning a prize. Lindsay made a new Valentine's  dinner and it was delicious. We always have fun with candlelight, chocolate covered strawberries, fancy cups with sparkling cider/Martinelli's and enjoy being together.

Way to start out the new month

Feb 02, 2020

New month, sun shining, time to get out and enjoy UTAH! ❤

Christmas family get together

Jan 17, 2020

Amazing night out with Lindsay's family to see the Luminaria lights, sip on hot chocolate and making memories! Getting together with family is always a great time...usually gets loud with laughter and fun.

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