"I have been lucky to know Lisa and Paul for almost 4 years through volunteering alongside them at our local church. I have gone away to college but when I return home and visit church Paul and Lisa are always the people I look forward to seeing. We always catch up and they show their continuous support. Although they have several amazing qualities one in particular is that they are so encouraging when I share what I am up to they provide support and always give helpful advice. "

"Lisa and Paul are some of my absolute favorite people. I had the benefit of meeting each of them individually before they began dating and watched their relationship flourish and grow into marriage. Individually, they are kind, generous, thoughtful, helpful, and willing to assist anyone in need. Together, as Paul and Lisa, those traits are even more admirable now that they are husband and wife. They have strived to build a safe, welcoming home where they can grow their beautiful family. All that is missing is a precious child. I could not think of two people better suited to parent a child through adoption. It has been their dream for several years and those of us who know Paul and Lisa have prayed for their family to be made complete with a child. I’m honored to call Paul and Lisa friends and to recommend them for adoption."

"Lisa and Paul have a heart of gold! They are always giving to others and are genuinely caring people. I have known them for several years and they want what is best for others. Great people!!"

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