"I LOVE this family! They are thoroughly genuine, deeply caring, high achieving, and totally sincere. They will be excellent parents to the children with whom they are blessed. "

"I wholeheartedly recommend Maggie and Spencer. Whenever I visit them, it feels like coming home for my soul. They exude a peace that makes you feel safe. I value their honesty and their kindness. They listen well and have given me so much wise counsel over the years. I always feel seen and loved by them. They are some of the most compassionate people I know, while also always up for an adventure and fun! "

"Maggie and Spencer are the once-in-a-lifetime people who come into your world and make a lasting impact. When we were young, Maggie, being my older sister, protected me and looked out for me and she continues to be one of my biggest advocates. She listens intently and she consistently gives me the wise advice I need, not the cushy platitudes that only serve for temporary comfort. She is my favorite person to laugh with and her love and care for others never fail to make me want to be more like her. Though I have known Spencer for only eight years, the wisdom and joy he adds to my life are invaluable. He loves me as his own sister and always asks to hear my thoughts before giving me his opinion. Spencer loves my sister deeply and seeks to model himself after Christ's love for others, no matter their background or experience. I am eager to see Maggie and Spencer become parents. They care deeply about making Jesus and his love known to others and they will love their children with patience, understanding, and joy. Life with them will never be dull. "

"Spencer and Maggie will make terrific parents. They are both outgoing and love to be around people and bless those people with energy and wisdom. Maggie will be a great mother because she will nurture and love her children and respect how they feel. She is wise with her words and will be a great teacher to her children. Spencer will be a great father because he will always be teaching his children something as he goes along his day. He will constantly have energy to play and enjoy life with his family. "

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