This is us.

This is us.

A a lot about us

Dear friends,
First off you need to know we LOVE you and LOVE adoption. Adoption has blessed our lives with three beautiful girls – it literally provides a happiness that we could not attain on our own. We love you for your courage and willingness to consider placing your precious baby in our home.

Adoption has blessed our lives with three beautiful girls!

We have the utmost respect for birth mothers and have wonderful open relationships with all of our daughters’ birth moms.
12 years strong!

12 years strong!

Mom and Dad

Getting to know: US
We both attended the same college our freshman year and met in biology class. The first day of class Mary saw Danny walk in and was shocked (she swears in a good way) by Danny's big surfer hair and even bigger skater shoes. Danny noticed Mary’s gorgeous blonde curly hair and beautiful brown eyes.

He got home, looked her up and showed up on her doorstep.

The biology teacher assigned a service project that needed to be completed in pairs and Danny thought this was a great time to make his move – luckily she accepted. For 8 weeks we helped out at a home with severely handicapped children. We played with them, threw dance parties, and really got to know each other on a new level, but just remained friends through our entire freshman year. Danny left right after his first year of school to serve a two-year mission for our church in San Antonio, Texas. During that time Mary dated around but no one compared to Danny. He got home, looked her up and showed up on her doorstep. We started dating that weekend, got engaged four months later and then four months after that we got married in the Bountiful, Utah Temple. We will hit our 13 year anniversary soon and we can honestly say while it hasn’t always been blissful, we are in love more now than ever.
We love to be active. During the summer you will often find us at the lake boating, having fun at the water park, or BBQ'ing some mean steaks and roasting marshmallows. During the winter we will be at the slopes, having snowball fights, or turning up the heater and playing games or watching movies. We enjoy life and laugh often. We are very active in our church service and have spent most of the last 12 years working with children and youth.

Getting to know: MARY (mom)
Mary is the absolute light of my life and is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. Her smile can light up any room and people of all ages are drawn to her. Her family moved 15 times before fifth grade and as a result she can make friends with anyone. She is outgoing and loves to give of herself. Mary grew up in a home of all girls - 3 sisters and her mom. Mary played soccer and ran cross country in high school and loves to run and exercise now. She has always been extremely creative and artistic and these talents flourished in college as she majored in fine art. Today she runs a very successful photography business. Mary is one of the hardest working people I know. She built her business from the ground up and loves making important memories for others through her photography. You can rest assured your child will have a well documented life through photos, but more importantly your child will be loved by her like no other. Mary has taught our daughters to create and imagine – often I come home from work and the girls run up to me with some creation they worked on that day. We had a nephew live with us for several months and Mary always made sure the girls knew why they should share and how to respect others. Most everyday I come home, the girls have big smiles on their faces, which shows me they know they are LOVED by their mother and are being raised in a warm and wonderful environment.

Getting to know: DANNY (dad)
Danny brightens my day anytime he is around. He has a contagious laugh, very friendly personality and is extremely intelligent. He works hard and is a natural teacher. He is an entrepreneur and has, at the moment, 26 Jimmy John's franchises that he owns and runs with a business partner, another restaurant called Viva Chicken, and some real estate. As much as Danny likes to work hard, he likes to play hard. He is the first one up on vacation to go boating and the last one to come home. He enjoys every kind of sport from basketball and football to tennis and ping-pong. He is a fun loving dad, which is shown by how fast the girls run to see him when he gets home from work. When not working or serving at church he can be found playing with the girls on the trampoline, playing hide ‘n seek, or chasing the girls while they squeal with happiness. The whole family rejoices to see him walk in the door because he makes all situations better than they were. He likes to motivate others to live happier lives and has a great listening ear. He is always striving to better himself. He loves his children to their very core and hopes with every piece of his heart that they will always know that fact in their lives. Bottom line is that Danny is simply one of the best.
Three's not a crowd.

Three's not a crowd.

The kiddos

Getting to know: ALEXIS (big sister)
Alexis is a curious, bright eyed six year old. We nicknamed her the Dreamer because she is often in her own world of imagination. She loves to dance, play chase with daddy, go on “special dates”, and has loved her first year of elementary school.

We are so excited to adopt another child and bring even more people into our circle of love.

She loves princesses and dress up. She makes friends easily and is very obedient. She knows her birth mom and is sooo excited to see her new baby at visits. Alexis has a lot of love and frequently shares that love. Every night she prays saying things like, “I love mommy and daddy so much and I love Jesus.” She is a daddy’s girl and they have gone on dates to: Disney on ice, hockey games, dinner, demolition derbies, motorcycle races etc. She loves to swim and is so proud she can swim without her floaties – she even loves to get on the surfboard with dad. She loves being a big sister to two girls and is constantly helping them. Words cannot express the love and healing she has brought into our home!

Getting to know: AMAYA (little sister and big sister)
Amaya is an adventurous and vibrant four and a half year old. She loves to figure things out on her own. She has rhythm and anytime a song she makes up a dance that matches it perfectly. She loves her gymnastics class and wants to be Simone Biles when she grows up--as long as Simone can also be an artist. She loves juice, milk and all other drinks. She is our cuddle bear and loves to snuggle—she can be found laying anywhere there is space. She is extremely athletic and loves to jump on the trampoline, run and ride her bike--she learned when she was 3! Amaya loves to listen as we read books and is starting to learn how to sound words out. She is a mommy’s girl and you can often find her walking around the house “taking pictures like mommy” on one of our phones. She has added so much spunk to our family!

Getting to know: JADE (little sister and hopeful big sister)
Jade is a rambunctious and funny two year old, but is often mistaken for older because she is so tall! She loves to talk in her growling monster voice and makes us all laugh which makes her talk in it more. She is such a tough girl and loves to wrestle her 11 year old boy cousin--she full on body slams him! She is a fighter. She had to have emergency life saving surgery the morning after she was born and spent only two weeks recovering in the NICU which surprised the doctors and nurses and healed completely. She will grab your finger if she wants you to go with her to play, get her something to eat or to show you something. She loves singing and can sing all the songs from Moana and Trolls. Her dance moves are something to be seen and she keeps us on our toes! We love her so much.

We are so excited to adopt another child and bring even more people into our circle of love. Again we have a great love for you even though we do not know each other. We pray that you will receive help and comfort in your difficult decision ahead. It is hard to sum up who we are and our hopes for our family in this short letter but we hope to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Thank you and we love you,
Danny and Mary