Jan 13, 2021

We finally got our first snow a few weeks ago. This winter has been pretty dry around here. Our boys LOVE the snow! sledding, building snowman, throwing snowballs, all the things! We get to go skiing in a few weeks and we're all pretty pumped! Now all we need is some more snow! 


Nov 06, 2020

We have really been enjoying fall in Utah! Because of Covid we have spent a lot of time outdoors, which has been a huge blessing! We have been on countless hikes as a family and it has become a favorite family outing. 


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Lake Powell August 2020

Aug 11, 2020

This past week we went to Lake Powell. We have successful done this family vacation every single year since Nate and I started dating! It is such a fun memory filled place for our family. Nate and I grew up going with our own families and staying on a houseboat. It is so fun that we get to continue this tradition with our own children. 

This trip looked a little bit different. Only my little family (Nate, Me, Bry, and Chase) and my sisters family could go. Usually a lot of our extended family joins. Even though numbers were much smaller the kids had THE BEST TIME! We did a lot of swimming, kayaking, knee boarding, and tubing! Nate is an incredible slalom skier and I got up too! We took a trip clear down to Rainbow Bridge to see the amazing arch. We hiked, swam, ate, played and repeated! 

Lake Powell is a lot of work but worth it every time because of the incredible memories we come home with. I love spending time as a family especially when we are without internet or cell service. WE have no distractions. We get to spend time enjoying one another. It is one of the greatest places on earth! 

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Family Pictures

Jul 28, 2020

This week we drove up into the beautiful mountains that we live near and took some family pictures. Here is a sneak peak. My boys don't usually love taking pictures, but they were all smiles for the camera this time around. We love where we live and are always amazed that the beauty around us. 

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Mar 07, 2020

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