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Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We know that we can never understand what you are feeling or the things that you are going through at this time. But realizing the decisions you are considering and may be making for you and your child’s future are difficult, we pray that you may find peace and comfort. We hope this letter can help you in your decision process and let you get a glimpse into our lives.

Our Story

We met at a small college in Utah, where we happened to be in a class together. As the days passed, Travis kept moving closer to where Melissa sat for a chance to get to know her better. After becoming great friends and dating for a year, we got engaged on OUR birthday (Yes, we share the same birthday, but one year apart)! Now we have been married twelve years and are still each other’s best friend.

We are parents to a fun, curious and outgoing 3-year-old boy, Carter. We became his parents in 2016 though adoption. Becoming parents to him has been an amazing experience and he has been such a joy.

The atmosphere in our home is peaceful, cheerful and filled with love. Our commitment to each other, our family and our faith are extremely important to us. We LOVE spending time together as a family and making each other laugh. We enjoy being at home, but do like going out on occasion. We often work together to accomplish the everyday tasks, such as cooking, cleaning and yard work, which makes these chores more fun and bearable. We love being outdoors and enjoying God’s creations! Hiking, camping, going on drives up the local canyon or having picnics are things we enjoy doing together. Other activities we enjoy are going on walks or bike rides through the nearby orchards, often taking our friendly dog along. Another way we spend our time together is watching a show or movie after a long day. We also have fun playing together, whether it’s a board/card game, make believe games with Carter or sports (basketball/tennis). Besides spending time together, we enjoy many activities with our families and friends.

About Melissa

Melissa grew up in a small northern Utah town. As a child, she, along with her brother and sister, played and explored on the land her parents own in the country. Melissa graduated from college with a degree in Family, Consumer and Human Development. Currently, Melissa stays at home with Carter and teaches piano to children/youth in our neighborhood. She has had many jobs caring for children in the past.

One of Melissa’s passions is music, so she loves to play the piano, listen to music, sing and dance (in the kitchen). In Melissa’s spare time, she finds pleasure in reading, being outdoors (mountains and beaches are her favorite), hiking, swimming, playing volleyball and crafting/cooking with her mom and sister.

About Melissa from Travis:
Melissa is an extremely kind, caring and selfless person. She is often looking for little ways to serve those around her. She thinks of other’s needs before her own.

Melissa is able to keep a good perspective on things that are most important and doesn’t get upset over little things. Melissa has an amazing ability to connect with children. As a piano teacher and a former nanny, she has developed meaningful relationships with all the children she has worked with. All our nieces and nephews are so excited when Melissa visits and are always sad when she has to leave.

Melissa may be a little shy in some settings, but can be quite a jokester, tease and fun-natured person around close friends and family. Melissa is my best friend and it doesn’t matter what we are doing, I just love spending time together.

Melissa amazes me with her ability to be an incredible mother. She is very patient and loving to Carter. She is creative and fun as she plays with Carter. Even if she may be tired of playing some of the same games with Carter, she doesn’t show it and finds ways to entertain and teach Carter through play. Melissa is musical and it is fun to hear all the songs she teaches Carter. Seeing Melissa as a mother has drawn me even closer to her and I appreciate all she does for Carter and me in our home.

About Travis

Travis grew up on a cattle ranch where he learned to enjoy working alongside his dad and brothers. He still enjoys spending time in the summer, riding horses and helping with the various projects on the ranch. After graduating from college Travis was happy to find a job teaching math at a junior high school. As one can imagine, convincing young teenagers that they need to learn math can have its challenges. Yet teaching has been fun and rewarding and a great fit for Travis. Along with teaching, Travis coaches tennis at the junior high. He likes coaching and interacting with the youth outside of the classroom. At times Travis joins in playing with the team and forgets that he is their coach.

For fun Travis loves a variety of outdoor activities, such as, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and horse riding. Travis also likes to play basketball and tennis. Along with these activities, Travis enjoys having fun and spending time with family and friends.

About Travis from Melissa:
Travis is the most kind and caring person I have ever met, which is one of the many reasons why I love and appreciate him. He genuinely cares about people and is interested in how they are and in what they are doing! He seems to sense and anticipate the needs of those around him, and acts without being asked. I’ve never seen him turn down a neighbor, friend, or family member, when they are in need of help.

Travis is a happy person. He has a great sense of humor! He often makes me laugh and smile!

Travis is a hard worker and likes to be doing something constructive. He works hard in every aspect of life. I’ve seen it in the way he helps me around the house, how he loves working on his family’s ranch, the time and effort he puts into planning lessons for his students and the way he builds relationships with

My love for Travis has deepened seeing him as a father. Travis and Carter have a great relationship. I love watching Carter’s eyes light up when he hears the garage door opening because he knows daddy is home. They have a fun and playful relationship and I love hearing Carter giggle when they play together. Travis is great at teaching Carter how to treat others, making Carter feel included in work projects and taking the time to sit down and play.

About Carter

Carter just turned 3 years old. He is kind and good natured, as long as he gets enough sleep. He is very social and makes friends wherever he goes. He enjoys visiting his grandparents, twenty-four cousins, and neighbors, and they all love seeing him. He is at the fun age where you never know what he’ll say, so he keeps us entertained. He has a sweet and tender heart and will try to cheer you up or comfort you if you are not having a good day.

Carter is a good helper and loves to be included in work. He likes to help with dishes, putting laundry in the wash, vacuuming and helping daddy with projects.

He loves being outside which includes going for walks, swinging at the park, helping daddy with yardwork, looking for spiders, having races, playing in his sandbox and with our dog. He also loves anything to do with tractors and firetrucks. He enjoys pretending to be a firefighter, playing with toys (tractors/firetrucks and stuffed horse), swimming, playing with mommy and daddy, making people laugh or smile, singing, dancing, making messes and watching kid songs on YouTube.

~ ♥ ~

Any child in our home will be well cared for and loved so much! We will do our best to help, encourage and provide opportunities for our children to develop talents and build their confidence. Teaching our children to be responsible, honest and to love and treat others with kindness are some other things that are important to us. We are supporters of open adoption and would be willing to work with you in figuring out the level of openness with which both of us would be comfortable.

Thanks again for taking the time to check us out!

Travis and Melissa
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