John & Michael

Hoping to Adopt (New York)



Age: 41

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Christian


Age: 34

Ethnicity: White

Preferences for a child

Age: Newborn to 1 year of age

Gender: Either

Race/Ethnicity: All

Special Needs: Any child


Thank you for reading

We are Michael and Johnny from Brooklyn, NY. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us and learn about the life we hope to offer your child if you choose us to be the adoptive parents of your child. We know that you’re making a serious decision right now and we really appreciate you...

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Post-Adoption Relationship

Open (Open to contact, phone calls, in person visits before adoption. Sharing photos and letters after placement. Visits at neutral location after adoption, etc.). If you want a more closed adoption, we would honor that request as well.

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