"I have personally known Heather Passaro since 2002 when I hired her as my Executive Assistant at Entertainment Weekly in New York City. I met Michael Hubacher in 2011 after they started dating. What began as a professional relationship with Heather expanded to a 17-year friendship with both. They are easy to be around, committed to each other and their relationship. During the four years Heather and I worked together, I typically spent more time each work day with Heather than I did with my husband. Whether in my professional capacity as a senior executive or personal capacity as a friend, I asked for and trusted her opinion. Heather is reliable, discreet and accountable. She has excellent instincts about people and relationships. Michael is kind, thoughtful and patient. He has a solid understanding of international business and embraces cultural diversity. As a couple, we have shared a number of life events together such as my 25th wedding anniversary, her bridal shower, their wedding and a family funeral, to name a few. As a result, we are well acquainted with each other’s families and friends. This provides positive insight on the people they are and their relationships. Heather and Michael are honest and genuine and would make wonderful parents. They have the right combination of integrity, values and moral compass to love and raise a child. At some of the family events described above, I have had the opportunity to see Heather and Michael interact with their niece, nephew, cousins and children of friends. Both are comfortable playing games as well as looking out for the child’s well being if the child needs “quiet time” or direction. They are gentle but firm, loving, patient and caring. Kids enjoy being with them and respect them. I do not know anything regarding their character or history that should prevent them from becoming adoptive parents. Without reservation, I completely recommend Heather and Michael as adoptive parents. Sincerely, Cathy O’Brien "

Cathy ENDORSED | Honest, Loving

"I have known Heather Passaro for 27 years. We met in college in 1993. Within the first year we became roommates and have been best friends ever since. I met Michael Hubacher 9 years ago when they first started dating and have become great friends with him as well. He and my husband clicked immediately and my 9-year-old son Jackson loves when Heather, Michael and their dog Stella spend weekends at our home. After 27 years I know Heather very well. She is the sister I never had, my best friend and my voice of reason. I got to know Michael very well over the years and adore him. They are truly a lovely couple and a pleasure to be around. Heather and Michael are both very nurturing people. Always wanting to make sure everyone around them is happy and they are both very committed to anything and everything they do. They are two of the most stable people I know. A huge strength of Heather’s that I have always admired was her resilience and her resourceful nature. She can and will make anything work. There is never any drama with her and she is very level headed, Michael is as well. Honestly, I cannot think of any weaknesses to say. Nothing about them would prevent them from being amazing parents. The effort they have put into conceiving a child and the decision to finally adopt shows how much they want to parent a child. They are both joyful, responsible, loving, caring, reliable, dedicated, funny, non judgmental, loyal, secure, confident, persistent, honest, strong…….I can go on and on. They are both two of the best and most solid people I know. They will provide the best home for any child lucky enough to be sent their way. They are both amazing with children. I have a son. Heather has been in his life since day 1. From changing dirty diapers, to lullabying him to sleep, to playing on the ground, she has done it all. She isn’t a parent yet, and I get amazing parenting advice from her! I would leave him with them anytime and we are a little crazy when it comes to who watches him, especially when he was younger. They have nieces and nephews, cousins, and are god parents. They are natural born parents and nurturers. Children love them. Heather and Michael are very responsible people, both personally, and professionally. They are dedicated, smart, loving, and secure in who they are and have so much love and wisdom to give children and adults alike. They are not quitters and don’t bail when things get tough. When Heather told me she and Michael made the decision to adopt I cried with joy. They want to be parents so bad, unfortunately they cannot conceive on their own, so the universe has brought them to this point. They thought long and hard about this decision. They will be wonderful parents to any child, and a child who needs a loving home would be extremely fortunate to have them as parents. They have a lovely family and plenty of support from many friends."

Amanda ENDORSED | Honest, Humble, welcoming, positive, Loving

"One of the hardest things I have been asked to do is write a recommendation for Heather and Michael. The reason being is that there is so much I want to say and so little space. I met Heather over 20 years ago when I first moved to NYC. Since then we have been inseparable. She may not be my sister in blood but she is my sister in spirit, emotion, friendship and values. 8.5 years ago, I had my son, Augustus, Heather and Michael were there through it all. When he was born they became Uncle Michael and Aunt Heather. My husband and I have so much trust in Heather and Michael that they have watched Augustus overnight since he was a young as 6 months old. We do not have family on the East Coast - they are our family. The unconditional love and support they give, they align with our parenting values, they are creative and interactive with Augustus. Augustus continuously tells us how safe and secure he feels with them when we are gone. As you can imagine, this is such a huge statement from an 8 year old and a feeling of relief and joy for a parent. I cannot think of two more loving, kind, deserving people in the world to be able to be parents. They are the first we would call if we ever needed anything and we trust them completely with our son's well being to be loved, safe and supported should we not be there."

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