Respite Foster Care

May 13, 2017

Last weekend we had the awesome opportunity to provide respite foster care to a sweet baby boy while his foster family went out of town. He was with us from Friday until Monday. He was such a sweet guy!! It was a wonderful opportunity to see what an excellent helper Julia is growing to be. She has always helped me with Jaxon and mothers him in her own way but, she really shined this weekend. She was so excited to watch over and care for Baby G. She fussed over him when he cried, played with him, got me things I needed and enjoyed holding him. Jaxon was as sweet and loving as I always think he will be as a big brother. Our hearts grew in love for Baby G. and we were sad when he went home on Monday but, it made us all the more excited and hopeful for what may be to come on our adoption journey.

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