To a Very Special Lady,

We have so much love to share with another child and can’t wait to meet you!
FIRST AND FOREMOST, thank you for considering us to love your baby. Your interest in us gives hope that one day we will fulfill our dream to give our daughter a brother, or a sister, for a lifetime of siblings' love and laughter, and we cannot even start to express our gratitude to you for this opportunity. As adoptive parents, we promise to raise your baby in an environment surrounded by compassion, joy, and a sense of respect for all humankind.

We will raise your baby in a happy home, with lots of love & affection, and Disney adventures!

Love is what brought your baby to us and love is what we will nurture your child with.

OUR STORY started eight years ago with a blue-eyed Midwestern lady with quick wit, meeting a handsome Peruvian designer on a dating site and that was all she wrote for both of us! The interest is a powerful thing that brought us together and we are hoping that it will works it magic again to help us connect with a birth family. We are about to celebrate six years of marriage and can’t wait to grow our family. We live in the Los Angeles area with our daughter, Luna, who is 4 years old and our 13 year old Yorkie, Swanky.

WHY ADOPTION? Our journey to have a family hasn’t been an easy one. Michelle had some childhood medical issues that make it impossible to have children naturally, so with the help of several rounds of IVF treatments, we were finally able to have Luna. Her arrival came after a horrible loss of another daughter that didn’t make it to term, and two miscarriages. Luna was born very prematurely at 29 weeks, so we are very blessed that she is healthy and you would never know today that she was born as early as she was. Going down the IVF road again isn’t an option, due to Michelle’s high risk of very pre-mature labor. We want more than anything to watch our kids grow up together and have an unbreakable bond with one another! Adopting a child one day has always been our plan and we started the process a few years ago. Our home study was completed in Jan. 2019, so we are so excited for what the future holds!

OUR FAMILY is complete with: love, hugs, diversity, weekend naps, laughing until we cry, movie nights, quality-time, trips to the beach, and dancing...lots of dancing! We are ready to welcome your child into our home and give him/her the love and care they deserve from the bottom of our hearts. We would be honored to love them, teach him/her the importance of getting a good education, to be courteous to their elders and open doors, and to enjoy life and take every experience and grow from it. Our family and friends are very supportive of our journey to adopt and will be there to support your child every step of the way with the same love and devotion they have towards us.

OUR CAREERS in real estate allow us to be self-employed and the luxury to work from home, with a flexible schedule to make our family a priority. Not only are we partners in life, we are in work as well, to which everyone always asks us how we do it? Our answer is simple, we had to learn each other strengths and weaknesses in a work environment and then divide and conquer each task or objective based on that list. It took us a good six months to really get a system going between us at work, but now we’ve got it down. We are able to attend all school events, go on field trips with the kids at school (Michelle just took Luna’s class to the fire station and all the kids got to turn on the fire hose!), drop off & pickup from school, and make dinner together every night. Our plan once a new addition arrives into our family would be for Michelle to take at least nine months off from work to spend with the baby and then later he/she will go to a lovely daycare, which is the same one Luna went to just one block from our house.

FINDING OUR MATCH or our birth family we’ve found takes patience. Without a doubt, exploring adoption for your child is the most difficult decision anyone can make. We hope that we can be part of your journey and provide support, as well as give you peace with your decision. Our desire is to have an open adoption with you is to ensure that our child knows where he/she comes from, family history, where the love of a certain flavor of ice cream comes from and for you to be a part of our lives. If you only wish to have periodic updates along with photos to see how amazing the child is as they grow up, we will honor that as well. Michelle’s sister was adopted and knowing everything that she went through makes it that much more important to us that there be some form of open adoption, for everyone’s benefit, especially the child. We are ready to welcome you into our lives and provide you with all the support possible. A child can never have too many people who love him/her, so let's go on this journey together!

We wish you all the best and would love to answer any questions or provide any additional information that you would like or may need. Feel free to call or text us at 619-880-7275 or email us at anytime.

With much admiration & respect,
Michelle, Julio & Big Sister Luna
Our girl loves to dance and had her first ballet recital in June.

Our girl loves to dance and had her first ballet recital in June.

Our strategy to raising a successful kid

We’ve both always wanted more for our kids than we ever had. Both of us grew up being raised by single mothers, who couldn’t afford to send us to activities such as dance class and had to work hard to make a living to raise their children. Parenting isn’t easy, in fact it may be the most difficult thing one can do and to do it right you have to be a superhero!

After years of watching our friends with kids and seeing how they turned out, we devised this plan for our family and so far it seems to be working.

Give our kids things they can own and control.

~ Being a helicopter parent is crazy. The kids will grow up not respecting you or themselves for that matter. Instead we give our daughter things she can own and control. We give her the power to help plan her goals, evaluate her work, freedom to dress herself (weather permitting), fail on her own terms, and quit when she decides she can’t do anymore. Tasks and contributions around the house, such as keeping her room tidy, setting the dinner table, bringing her plate to the kitchen, are all ways to help her feel empowered and independent. Wanting the best for your kids means more than buying them everything they want and not appreciating anything.

~ Showing our daughter that we value her as a person is so important. The one main way we do this is when we pick her up from pre-school, we close down our technology, put away our phones, prepare dinner together and enjoy a meal and converse about our days. It amazes us when we go out to dinner and see all these family sitting at a table together, but not actually speaking to one another. Everyone is on their phones and just going though the motions of eating their meal. The young children that are given the cell phone to watch videos so the parents can talk during dinner doesn’t compute in our home. Our daughter is just now starting to be allowed to watch things on the iPad.

~ Raising happy kids can be important, but we don’t worry about it. Our focus is on making our daughter more productive and of high morals then simply hope that happiness will come to her by virtue of the good she does and the love that she feels from us. When we go to Target, she sometimes looks in the toy section, but knows and understands that we aren’t there to buy toys every trip. Setting the expectation before entering the store is key to a tantrum free shopping experience. Toys can make kids happy, but if as parents we cave in to their requests for more it sets the wrong example. We are proud that our daughter is a very happy kid, but she is also a good person.

~ Exposing our daughter and future child to a variety of group activities is very important. Luna has tried soccer, gymnastics, and is now wrapping up dance class and t-ball. We like to give her options on what she wants to try and expose her to things that are new. It’s up to her to decide what she wants to do and if she doesn’t like it, we finish out the session and move onto something else. The trick is to not over do her schedule. If she doesn’t enjoy the activity, we won’t enjoy it either. We have friends and family members that we never see, because they are always driving their kids from one thing to another. That is exhausting for everyone! Our motto is that you don’t know if you like something unless you try it. Same goes for vegetables! By doing this we let her know that in life there are choices and finding the one or two activities she loves and decides to stick with is up to her.

~ Focus on the little things and what they all mean. Talking and listening to our kid and responding to her in a warm fashion teaches her that it’s a good thing to talk to us as her parents. Taking her on trips and visits with family, exposes her to different cultures, ways of living, and develops a more open minded person. Every evening it’s a family tradition to have a dance party together followed by a winding down period of reading books. Our focus to to ensure she is bi-lingual and so we read to her in Spanish & English. Affection and compassion are paramount to creating a little human being that will one day grow up and become a parent themselves.
Wearing their Sunday’s best for Easter Mass. Nothing like a beautiful purple dress!

Wearing their Sunday’s best for Easter Mass. Nothing like a beautiful purple dress!

About Julio (written by Michelle)

On our third date, Julio came to pick me up for dinner and brought a gift for my dog, Swanky. He got down on the floor and pulled out a pack of small tennis balls and starting playing fetch with her. I knew from that moment what an amazing and smart man he was!

He’s the guy you want to sit and talk to about anything.

He is the best Daddy and husband. I won the lotto!

His energy is calming and exciting all at the same time. His laugh is loud and contagious and he’ll make you laugh too. The car dancing, well yes, it’s true he has moves. It’s contagious and it’s always entertaining to watch the reaction of cars near by when they see him bust a move. The more serious side to him is devoted, passionate, caring, and a loving husband and the best Daddy!

Coming to US at the age of 15 years old from Peru, not being able to speak English was a huge challenge. Despite that, he paid his way through college and got his Graphic Design degree and a minor in Business. His father wasn’t involved in his life and died when Julio was young, so being a present father and one who is loving, devoted, and teaches our child to have fun and be in the moment is so amazing to watch. Teaching our daughter to speak Spanish to have the advantages of being bilingual as she grows up has been a priority for him as a father. He’s the dad who signs up to be our daughter’s t-ball coach, joins committees at school, plays Barbies & has tea parties, and lays down on the floor next to Luna’s bed at night until she falls asleep when she needs him to.
Michelle volunteered at Luna’s pre-school to teach the kids about Kansas and did a fun art project with them.

Michelle volunteered at Luna’s pre-school to teach the kids about Kansas and did a fun art project with them.

About Michelle (written by Julio)

Michelle is a wonderful wife, loving mother, great daughter and a savvy smart businesswoman. I am truly lucky to call her my wife. She is very patient and kind, her Mid-west traits shine bright, plus she knows how to change electrical outlets, fix sprinklers, leaky toilets, which I have no idea how to do! Her Achilles’ heel is IKEA furniture assembling.

Michelle puts being a mommy as her first priority and she makes it look easy!

She did not have the easiest of upbringings, but this did not deter her from searching for a better future. Her first job was as a busgirl at a restaurant at age 14. Hard work isn’t something she is afraid of and that has been her path through her adult life. She is the first person in her family with a college degree, and was one of the youngest directors at multiple companies. At the same time, all of that changed for the better once she became a mother, re-invented herself and became a Realtor in order to be her own boss with a flexible schedule to always be able to take care of our daughter. Creating experiences and opportunities for Luna is her focus as a mom, while teaching her to be kind and compassionate towards others. The thing I love to watch the most is when Michelle (aka Tickle Monster) rolls around on the floor with Luna and they are both laughing so hard they are almost crying! That melts my heart. Being a good mommy and setting a good example for our daughter is her #1 priority. She works hard to provide a good life for the family and more importantly to raise a smart, loving, and amazing kiddo!