1st Dance Recital

Jun 10, 2019

Luna amazed us with her first dance recital yesterday! She talked with Michelle on Saturday night about be nervous on stage in front of a lot of people and Michelle told her to remember to take a deep breath and close her eyes to help her relax is she felt nervous. She knew where her family and friends were sitting in the audience and she could look at us if she got scared, but to our surprise she never did. She was the one who knew every step, smiled all the way through it and we were all in tears. The theme song was ‘My Girl’ and they all had this super sparkly yellow dresses, which were so adorable. This is most likely the first of many dance recitals we get to experience with her. Afterwards, we went to dinner with Grandpa, who flew in from Kansas to watch, and her Tia Ann.

Host: ws02.elevati.net