Swimming lessons complete!

Aug 16, 2019

Luna took a week long swimming class to wrap up the summer before school begins next week. Monday was really hard, filled with tears and anxiety. Tuesday was slightly better, but didn’t want to put on her swimming suit. Wednesday she told Michelle that she wasn’t afraid to put her head under the water anymore and that she will get in the pool without our assistance. Thursday she jumped into the pool with a huge smile on her face and was feeling very proud of herself. Today, she jumped in multiple times, can successfully swim to the edge of the pool and got to take a photo with Coach Conrad. He is the swimming whisperer! We will be back for more lessons to ensure Luna is a strong swimmer. As parents it’s so hard to see your kids cry and be clearly afraid of something, but each day it gets easier and then they feel this sense of pride and understand why mommy & daddy were so insistent on going to class.

Mommy daughter day!

Jul 12, 2019

Today, I introduced Luna to the Lush store. We went to Huntington Beach to visit Uncle Kyle, have lunch, and play around all afternoon. She fell in love with the bath bombs and got pampered with a hand exfoliating treatment. Then the store associate introduced her to the glitter shea butter lotion bar...she had Luna at glitter. I think I’m creating a monster, but it’s so fun to see how much she enjoys these things and this age.

Road trip to San Diego for the weekend!

Jul 08, 2019

For the July 4th holiday we decided to go on a road trip down to San Diego. Michelle has family that lives in Point Loma, so we got to see the amazing fireworks show from the top of the hill overlooking the San Diego Harbor. We met up with one of Michelle’s childhood friend from Kansas, who just happened to be in San Diego too from Phoenix, trying to escape the heat. Then we hit Legoland for a couple of days.

These last couple of weeks have been a little stressful and disappointing for us. We were approached by one expecting mother, who seemed serious about considering us to adopt her baby boy, which is due at the end of July. She suddenly stopped communicating with us and went silent. This process isn’t for the faint of heart. My only wish is that everyone would realize just how hard this is for the hopeful adoptive parents as well. There are so many people just like us that are hoping and praying to expand their families through adoption. The reality is that when a expectant mother contacts various families to find out more about them, the odds are low that any one family will be chosen. It’s a heartbreaking process, but we are in this for the long haul and for the ultimate satisfaction of a women finding us, that will be our match and will ask us to raise her child. Loving a child and having them love you back is the greatest reward in life!

Our impromptu get away to have fun together and get our minds focused on what really matters, which is each other, is just what we needed. We pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and press forward to see what our future holds!

Contact us anytime @ 619-880-7275.

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Sands up!

Jun 29, 2019

Kick off to summer was a day spent at Manhattan Beach! Luna loves her boogie board and is trying to learn to balance on the sand before getting up the courage to take it to the water. She enjoys just strapping it to her ankle and dragging it around for awhile. She watches the big girls surf in the ocean and then tries to mimic their moves. It was a warm day here today and the water felt so refreshing! For those that have never been in the Pacific Ocean before, it’s a bit chilly! We watched a few games of beach volleyball and then headed for some ice cream at our favorite ice cream parlor. As soon as we got into the car to head home, Luna was out like a light. I call that a successful day! We love spending the day at the beach and playing in the sand. 


Jun 10, 2019

Every Sunday afternoon, Michelle & Luna head out to the grocery store together. Luna has her list of items she needs to look for and mommy does too. On this weekend’s trip, Luna found what she thought was a small watermelon, but turned out to be massive avocados. Now we’ve seen lots of avocados since we live in Los Angeles, but these were massive. Time to make lots of guacamole and avocado toast for breakfast. It may take a week to ripen, but we’ll be ready!  

1st Dance Recital

Jun 10, 2019

Luna amazed us with her first dance recital yesterday! She talked with Michelle on Saturday night about be nervous on stage in front of a lot of people and Michelle told her to remember to take a deep breath and close her eyes to help her relax is she felt nervous. She knew where her family and friends were sitting in the audience and she could look at us if she got scared, but to our surprise she never did. She was the one who knew every step, smiled all the way through it and we were all in tears. The theme song was ‘My Girl’ and they all had this super sparkly yellow dresses, which were so adorable. This is most likely the first of many dance recitals we get to experience with her. Afterwards, we went to dinner with Grandpa, who flew in from Kansas to watch, and her Tia Ann.

Reading to Mommy & Swanky

Jun 06, 2019

Luna loves to practice reading and her favorite place to read to us is on the front porch. She borrows books from school a few times a week and then reads them to us at night. Her pre-school is great about prepping the kids to go to elementary school and all the sudden this week, Luna thinks she can read all the words. Really cute! One day soon she will be able to read and we will be so sad her imagination of making up the story won’t come into play as much. 

Julio’s masterpiece!

Jun 04, 2019

Julio grew up knowing that he loved to draw and knew early on that he was an artist. He won his first drawing competition at age 10 and his destiny took off from there. In high school he would draw murals on the walls that would be admired for years to come. He was offered several scholarships to various art programs from universities from Rhode Island all the way to California. He ultimately chose to attend the University of San Francisco. His career as a graphic designer has allowed him to utilize his creativity to do work for major sports teams, car companies, museums, design brand logos for various companies, and now do art projects for our daughter's school. He signed up to chair the fundraising committee and his big project was creating a world peace themed design to go onto a little reading library some family can place in their front yard. The event was a huge success and there was a lot of money raised to help improve the school, provide more educational opportunities for the teachers, and continue to make this pre-school an amazing place for many years. His worked paid off by the winning bidder offering $700 for the little library. Luna got to help her Daddy paint it and that is worth more than $700!

5th Birthday Party weekend

Jun 01, 2019

It was a blast attending Luna’s classmate, Bobby’s, birthday party. All the kids played so hard they were sweating, followed by pizza, fruit, veggies, and cake pops. Can’t believe everyone is turning 5 already. Where did the time go?!

Lunch - Time for a break!

May 31, 2019

It’s been a busy work week and today we decided to grab lunch and sit outside to enjoy the beautiful 74 degree day. Our office is downtown, so there are plenty of options for food. Taking a break from the computer, phone, and having to work for 45 mins feels good. Now onto the weekend, which includes the final t-ball game, silent auction fundraiser at Luna’s school, and two birthday parties for Luna’s friends. 

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