"Bianca and John Robertson are meant to be parents. They are kind, funny, smart, nurturing, loving and amazing people. These two have all the qualities and more that any birth mother would be looking for. They both come from wholesome and loving families, they both love each other very much, they both work very hard to be good upstanding citizens, and they both want to raise a child together. They truly deserve the opportunity to be parents. "

"To Whom It May Concern, We are writing to express our absolute support of John and Bianca Robertson as future adoptive parents. We believe it is a wonderful privilege to become an adoptive parent, but it brings a sense of great responsibility. To this thought, we believe that both John and Bianca have the right motivation, desire and integrity to fulfill this role with the upmost reliability. We came to know this couple through our mutual workplace. The relationships for each of us have grown over the years to a strong personal friendship and we spend social time together quite frequently. In becoming very close, we consider John and Bianca family. We have enjoyed the care, concern and support that anyone would except of their own family when in time of need or simply just because. They have demonstrated through their beliefs, actions and behavior that parenthood would be a natural step of growth in their family. We have noted a couple reasons why we believe this through our own observations. First, they have a true desire to have a child in their family and want to nurture that child and help them navigate their life successfully. Both John and Bianca will provide a loving home, with traditional values and beliefs. Also, there will be a daily focus on development and learning within the family. A new life to understand, a unique personality and inherent traits to honor and respect. Lastly, they will also take the time to connect with their child, embracing the role they’ll serve as a parent. Together, John and Bianca are a strong and amazing couple in marriage. They have a true love and an affinity that suits them for each other. As in any relationship, there are ups and downs, the challenging times and good times. Placing God first, they have become stronger in love and better together no matter the situation. They work hard, stay committed and are a great inspiration to us. Any child would be blessed to have them as parents. Sincerely, Todd & Kelly Bailey "

"Dear Reader, I am writing on behalf of Bianca and John Robertson. I have known Bianca all of my life and although we are cousins I see her as more of a sister. We have grown up together laughing, and learning, loving, and testing, growing together through some of the best times and some of the hardest times. One of the things that Bianca has always yearned for was motherhood. All of her life everything she has done, all of her successes whether personal or career have all been a stepping stone to bring her to a place where she knew she could be the best mother she could be. Even in her career she has climbed ladders most have only dreamed of, but none of these ladders were for her own gain, they have always been a way for her to provide more for her future family. To be the best example, the best woman, the best mother she could be, not for herself but for her baby she always dreamed about. When she met John I knew she had found her soulmate. John is such a good man, he is so humble in his ways, always giving with a soft heart, but firm with what really matters. They share the same morals and values, the same convictions, and both want to extend their love further to become parents together. Bianca and John began trying to have a family a couple years ago. Where they believed God’s gift had finally been revealed and Bianca would soon be pregnant they instead were faced with heart ache and disappointment. The gift of bearing a child is such a natural part of being a woman, to not be able to fulfill that gift is completely devastating. And yet despite that, they both began seeing doctors, and seeking treatments to get pregnant, showing once again the extend of what they would do for their future child. After undergoing many, many, treatments that tormented Bianca’s body, from hormone treatments, to implantation, to blood work, you name it. She never gave up, through all the emotional heart ache, she never stopped. Her and John continued to pursue their hearts desire of becoming parents. John stood by his wife’s side through the entire process, holding her tears in his heart, and showering her with strength and smiles to ease her pain, although he was going through his own hurt, he stood strong as a father and husband should be. In the end they were not able to go full term and once again cried out to God for answers. This however did not deter them, for being a parent and loving another does not always mean that you share the same blood biologically. So here they are again, once again thinking of their family first, putting their baby above all else. Working tirelessly to provide a good loving home, relocating their lives to a better community, with better school, better jobs, more activities for families, and continually praying for their baby to be home with them soon. I can tell you 100% that Bianca and John are the most giving, caring, and loving people I know. It even saddens my heart that I am writing this because they deserve a child. They should not need anything written about them, just meet them, spend the day with them. See how much they love each other, see how much they love their community, watch how much their eyes fill with tears and their hearts flutter at the thought of being parents. To know them is to love them. Any child would be blessed to have them as parents, and the most beautiful part about that is, in Bianca and John’s eyes they see that they would be the ones being blessed, once again showing the extent of their love. Cordially Yours, Chelsea Brewer "

"My beautiful and sweet daughter has been praying for a child for so many years. Bianca was born with a full head of curly hair and boy did it match her personality, full of spunk and strong willed to follow through with whatever it was that she set her mind to. When Bianca walks into a room you can just feel her joy and love for life! Always smiling, laughing and finding humor in everything. When she met John, who by the way is exactly the same way, it didn't take long for her to fall head over heals in love with this kind and gentle man. The best way to describe John is to say that he is the funniest man I've ever met! You just cannot have a bad day when John is around. He is also very tenderhearted, as you can see from the video with his favorite dog Coco. John works hard and takes his responsibilities serious, he is truly someone you can count on to follow through to the end. I can honestly say that Bianca could not have chosen a better soul mate. Whoever makes the heartfelt decision to bless this wonderful couple with their precious child can be secure in knowing that this child will be in a loving and Christ centered home full of smiles, laughter and fun. "

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