A Wagon Ride, Anyone?

Mar 13, 2017

Austin has always loved all things with wheels. It is therefore not surprising that he loves wagons. For a couple years he used a cheap plastic wagon we had been given until all the wheels fell off. Still, Austin determinedly pulled it around our yard even after all the wheels had come off. He was delighted to get a new wagon for his birthday last year and now frequently pulls it around the yard. Sometimes he fills is with various treasures he picks up, sometimes he pulls our dog Zipper around in it, and sometimes he just wheels it around empty. He loves it when his mom or dad pull him along, especially when they are running! This last weekend while doing another activity with Rebecca's brother and his wife, Austin was excited to pull his cousin around in the back of the wagon for a change. Someday he hopes to have a brother or sister to pull in his wagon too!

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