Rocky Mountain National Park

Jul 12, 2017

We recently took a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park as a family. We stayed at a little cabin just outside the park, since we decided we would be too cold at night camping in our tent. Austin loved that there was a playground area by our cabin there full of various toy trucks, boats, and sand castle molds to play with in the sand there.

We spent three fabulous days exploring the park. We went to lakes, waterfalls, and incredible view points. Above is a picture of us at Emerald Lake, which was the last (and most beautiful) lake along a trail to three different lakes. We drove the length of Trail Ridge Road, the highest road in the continental United States that climbs high up into the harsh and windy alpine tundra sections of the park. Apparently the winds get up to 150 mph up there, and are frequently 100 mph. We saw all sorts of wildlife from elk and mule deer to muskrats, marmots, hummingbirds, and woodpeckers. We learned about the plants and animals living in the park at the visitor's center and on a ranger-guided hike. Austin even earned the Rocky Mountain National Park Jr. Ranger badge.

Below is a video of Austin climbing up the rocky part at the very end of the trail to the top of Lily Mountain. Austin loves to climb up rocks now and has continued to become a strong hiker for his age. During our three days at the park we hiked a total of about 17 miles together.

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