Independence Day

Jul 19, 2017

For the last several years, we have been out of town on the fourth of July. However, since we were at home this year, we decided to go to the town parade. Good thing we did, because Austin loved it! He went right up to the front to watch everyone going by and got so excited that he waved his arms in the air while jumping up and down. He eagerly collected the thrown candy with great zeal and brought it to us to hold onto for him, while exclaiming, "I'm going to win!" We weren't sure what he thought he was winning, but we loved his enthusiasm! After awhile of watching the parade, Austin observed the mess of streamers and other odds and ends left behind by the floats. He turned to us and loudly asked, "Who will clean up the mess after this party?"

That evening we had a BBQ dinner at Nate's aunt's house and then watched fireworks at Rebecca's grandma's house right next to a park. Unfortunately, we left our camera at the dinner. This wasn't very close to where we live, and we just got it back, which is why this post is so late...we couldn't get our pictures from the camera! We did have a fun Independence Day though! We are so grateful for the freedoms we are able to enjoy as citizens of this country, and we are stand in reverence for the sacrifices made by so many to bring us and protect those freedoms that we enjoy.

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