Independence Day

Jul 07, 2019

We had a lot of fun for Independence Day. We started our day by getting up early and running the city's 5K race. (The picture above is us right before the race.) Austin had decided a month or two ago he wanted to run a race, and Emma didn't want to be left out, so the whole family ended up doing it. Rebecca ran with Austin who came in at 31:27 and Nate ran with Emma who came in at 42:15. We are super proud of both our kids for their effort, determination, and vast improvements in running.

After going home for breakfast, we watched the city's parade, picked cherries off our pie cherry tree, and headed over to the park for games and activities there like dart ball tag, bingo, rock climbing, and just playing on the playground. That afternoon we took a nap worked on pitting our cherries.

We went to the city's dinner at the park too, although it was delayed by a thunderstorm, and returned once more after making and eating our cherry pie for some fireworks.