Nov 06, 2019

This year our kids dressed up as Lego Mini Figures for Halloween. They were given Lego hand gloves from their aunt as gifts, and we decided to turn them into a whole costume. They had a lot of fun helping cut out boxes into the right shapes and then painting them. Rebecca crocheted Lego hats to match the gloves, and overall their costumes were a big hit! (We just ended up in the same costumes we wore last year though since we spent all our time this year getting costumes made for the kids.)

We went to the traditional family Halloween party the Friday before Halloween at Rebecca's parent's place. Everyone who comes dresses up and we take a picture together every year, as shown above. We also eat dinner, carve pumpkins, eat doughnuts and cider, read Halloween stories, and watch a Halloween movie. Then of course we went trick-or-treating on Halloween night. The kids were very proud of how much candy they collected and have been enjoying it in small doses since.

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