Mar 05, 2018

Our winter has been pretty dry this year, leaving us with little or no opportunity to do some of our favorite wintertime activities, including sledding. However, last weekend we ended up with some snow. Due to other commitments, we didn't have time to drive far to reach the larger hills that we particularly enjoy sledding down, so we went to a smaller one near our house. We all had fun and were grateful for the much needed snow as well as time we had to sled!

Valentine's Day

Feb 19, 2018

Every year for Valentines Day we make a couple large batches of cookies. Then we have some fun decorating them as a family. On Valentines Day, we literally run around our neighborhood leaving most of these cookies on the doorsteps of our friends and neighbors. Austin also takes cookies to his friends. We also make cards to mail to family members who don't live as close.

We also do special Valentine's activities as a couple. One of us is in charge of doing a nice dinner each year while the other person plans a date activity. This year we had a nice lasagna dinner. We also went out to Banff Mountain Film Festival this last weekend for our date, which was pretty fun.


The Circus

Jan 29, 2018

Friday evening we went to see the circus performing in our area. It was Austin and Rebecca's first time to go to a circus. Since we ended up with extra children's tickets, Austin invited one of his friends to come with us. We enjoyed watching tightrope tricks, motorcycle tricks, animal tricks, and other various acrobatic tricks. Both animals and people flew through rings of fire. Skilled horsemen hopped on and off galloping horses, hung upside-down off their sides, and stood up on their backs as they raced in circles. Some goats and dogs rode a miniature horse as it trotted around the ring at another point in the show. Daring ladies climbed up ropes and hung from them in various difficult poses. A speed changer went in and out of various outfits in mere seconds. Austin's favorite part was watching the groups of two, three, and four motorcyclists raced around in a spherical cage without crashing. We all had fun, though the kids were quite tired by the end of the show and quite ready to go home and get to bed.

Celery Experiment

Jan 21, 2018

Last week we did an experiment with celery as we studied stems of plants. We filled some jars with water and colored the water in each jar with different colors of food coloring. Then we watched the celery stalks over a few days time as the colored water was brought up the stems to the rest of the stalk and leaves, changing the color of each stalk. Austin was excited to watch this happen. When we were finished, we cut thin slices from one of the celery stalks to put on a slide and observe through a microscope.

A Bowling Gift

Jan 15, 2018

For Christmas, we rotate gift giving between siblings in Nate's family. This year we gave his brother's family a game of bowling with us. We had planned to go during the Christmas break, but due to illness, our outing was postponed. So, we went this weekend instead. We had a lot of fun together, and Austin tried bowling without using the ramp for the first time. He also got his highest bowling score yet...a score in the low 90s.

While we were in the area, we also headed over to the BYU Museum of Art to see the M.C. Escher exhibition. Since Austin has been learning about perspective, he was very interested in the way Escher's work played with perspective to trick the mind. He also really enjoyed the tessellations Escher created. Furthermore, it was interesting to see some of the wood blocks used to print Escher's work. We all enjoyed exploring the exhibit together.

Celebrating Christmas

Jan 05, 2018

This year we celebrated Christmas with Rebecca's family and stayed at her parents' house. Our celebrations begin on Christmas Eve as we read the story of Christ's birth together as a family and sing Christmas songs together. Christmas morning we all go in to see what Santa left in our stockings together as a family. Then, after an egg and muffin breakfast, we open the rest of our gifts. Because we were with Rebecca's side of the family, we also saw her grandparents and some other family members later that day. Nate took the week off from work between Christmas and New Years, and we are grateful we were able to spend time with both sides of the family during this period.

Austin was thrilled with his gifts this year. He received an aviator hat Rebecca made him (pictured above), some Duplo blocks, a digital clock for his room, and some K'nex among other things. He was much more excited about the clock than we expected, and he has talked about how much he likes it since Christmas.

Christmas Posada

Dec 24, 2017

Nate's sister in Law is Mexican and she invited us to join in their Christmas tradition called La Posada, which means procession.  The children dressed in nativity-themed costumes -Austin wore a crochet donkey hat Rebecca made- and we walked to a few houses where we sang a song about Joseph and Mary looking for lodging.  Then the kids had fun with piñatas.

Family Reunion

Aug 15, 2017

The week after being at the temple with Nate's sister's family, we headed to a family reunion for his side of the family. We spent the night at a camp together with lot of cousins, aunts, and uncles. We got to go through a "challenge" course with a zip line, row around on the lake in a canoe, play some volleyball, go on a short hike, roast marshmallows, eat lots of good food, and play card games. Austin had a lot of fun running around and playing with his cousins too.

New Cousin

Jul 30, 2017

In April, Nate's sister's family adopted a young girl from Kyrgyzstan. She is a year younger than Austin, and she is blind. She is so sweet, and we are so happy for Nate's sister's family. They have wanted to have a girl in their family for a long time given that the rest of the eight children they've had are boys. We were able to be in the temple with their family a couple weeks ago, so this is the picture that was taken after we came out.

Independence Day

Jul 19, 2017

For the last several years, we have been out of town on the fourth of July. However, since we were at home this year, we decided to go to the town parade. Good thing we did, because Austin loved it! He went right up to the front to watch everyone going by and got so excited that he waved his arms in the air while jumping up and down. He eagerly collected the thrown candy with great zeal and brought it to us to hold onto for him, while exclaiming, "I'm going to win!" We weren't sure what he thought he was winning, but we loved his enthusiasm! After awhile of watching the parade, Austin observed the mess of streamers and other odds and ends left behind by the floats. He turned to us and loudly asked, "Who will clean up the mess after this party?"

That evening we had a BBQ dinner at Nate's aunt's house and then watched fireworks at Rebecca's grandma's house right next to a park. Unfortunately, we left our camera at the dinner. This wasn't very close to where we live, and we just got it back, which is why this post is so late...we couldn't get our pictures from the camera! We did have a fun Independence Day though! We are so grateful for the freedoms we are able to enjoy as citizens of this country, and we are stand in reverence for the sacrifices made by so many to bring us and protect those freedoms that we enjoy.