New Year's Day Hike

Jan 11, 2021

On New Year's Day, we had hoped there would be enough snow to snowshoe. Unfortunately, there was not. However, Nate and I still were happy for a chance to get away up into the mountains and hike Stewart Falls while my parents watched our kids for the morning. Particularly with COVID, we have been on fewer dates than usual, so our hike was a nice reprieve from the craziness that comes from our rambunctious kids. The waterfall always looks amazing in the winter when it has turned cascading icicles! Our dog was thrilled too and enjoyed trying out the new boots she got for Christmas!

Christmas 2020

Dec 30, 2020

Our Christmas day was jolly this year. We spent Christmas morning at our own house checking out stockings and opening gifts. Austin and Emma were thrilled with everything from their new Lego sets to their new alarm clocks. Rebecca spent hours of time this last year making a new wooden dump truck (pictured above) for Austin that is sized to go with a previous wooden toy she created for him, and she was very happy that he liked it.

After lunch, we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner and some additional gifts. Austin and Emma were once again thrilled with the awesome K'nex sets they got from extended family. We enjoyed spending some time with family and playing some games together as well. We stayed the night so that we could also play racquetball this next morning with Nate's old roommates and go out to lunch with them.

While things were a bit different this year with all the face masks, social distancing, and other such things, we were grateful to still be able to spend time with loved ones despite virus concerns.

Weekend with Friends at a Historic Courthouse

Nov 16, 2020

Last weekend we were able to get away for a couple days to spend some time with close college friends. This has become an annual gathering that we have been participating in for several years now. Normally we have stayed at a cabin together, but this year we actually rented out a historic courthouse that has been turned into an overnight rental. The previous rooms such as the jail, county sheriff office, and other department offices have been converted into bedrooms for the guests. Other rooms, like the department of energy and the courtroom, have been converted into eating and living areas.

It was a fun place to stay and hang out with friends. We played games and visited Butch Cassidy's childhood home. Our kids enjoyed playing with friends as well and spent time building boats to float down the canal or pretending to play judge and defendant in the old courtroom.


Nov 05, 2020

Despite COVID, we were still able to go out trick-or-treating this year, and our kids had a blast as usual. We all dressed up: Austin and Emma were LEGO figures while Nate was Paul Bunyan and Rebecca was Babe, his blue ox. We also did a family Halloween party with Rebecca's family as usual - eating dinner, carving jack-o-lanterns, dressing up in our costumes, and watching a Halloween movie.

Fall Escalante Vacation

Oct 18, 2020

Fall is our favorite time of year to be in southern Utah. The daytime temperatures are moderate, making them perfect for hiking, and the leaves are turning to brilliant yellow hues.

Our previous plans to vacation with family this year were canceled due to COVID, so we planned a different vacation with them instead. We stayed at a beautiful cabin for a few days and spent time together hiking, playing games, and eating delicious food that we took turns preparing. We hiked through a couple slot canyons, to cavern area called "Cool Cave" (pictured above), to a natural bridge, and to a waterfall.


Running Cross Country

Oct 04, 2020

Both our kids decided to join the local running club for kids. Since it is fall, they are running cross country. We were able to watch them at their first race of the season this last week and cheer them on. These pictures of them are from the end of the race right before they crossed the finish line.They both did great and beat their previous run times!

A New Pet

Sep 27, 2020

Austin has been wanting a leopard gecko for awhile. We told our kids that if could demonstrate that they were trustworthy and responsible enough and if they could save up enough money, then they could have a pet of their own. Austin has been working toward this goal for the better part of a year, and he made it. He is thrilled to have a pet of his own now!

Labor Day Hike

Sep 14, 2020

As is common, we used the extra day Nate had off work this last week to go hiking together as a family. We enjoyed the five mile loop trail we went on and were happy to get a glimpse of the beautiful leaves starting to change color up in the mountains.

Independence Day Family Hike

Jul 06, 2020

Nate had the day before Independence Day off of work, so we decided to go for a family hike to the top of Grandeur Peak. Our 6.5 mile hike was worth it for the incredible view at the top! It was sure beautiful!

After our hike we spent time with other extended family memebers playing at a splash pad, having a BBQ dinner, and enjoying some fireworks.

Hiking One-on-One

Jun 10, 2020

Last week Austin and I (Rebecca) went hiking together while Nate was at work and while Emma stayed with her grandparents for a couple days. This was so Austin and I could spend some one-on-one time together. We hiked up Squaw Peak in Utah County, but we missed the turn to go up that way at first and ended up hiking extra. Our 7 mile (with a 3000 foot climb) hike turned into a 10 mile hike, but Austin stayed strong and made it with very little complaint in any case! It was super impressive and clocked in at the longest most difficult hike he has ever done up to this point.

Emma also spent some one-on-one time with me a couple weeks previous to that while Austin stayed with grandparents. We also went hiking, and Emma did awesome for her first hike of the summer as well, going about 4 miles.

In addition to hiking, I took each of my kids out to lunch during their one-on-one time and did a fun woodworking project with them.

I had a great time with both of them and was very grateful to grandparents for making the longer one-on-one time possible!

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