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Kayla R. Parker

Cousin to Saige, lifelong friends

When I think of Perry and Saige, the first thing that comes to mind is visions of them visiting with members of our very diverse extended families and/or members of our communities. They have a very special way of identifying what is important to others and connecting with them based on those details. This is something that I have observed in Saige's parents as well, and I suspect that this way of seeing people so clearly, and with an eye for their strengths, is where their ability to feel and express unconditional love is founded. Something unique about Saige and Perry is their ability to work HARD and SMART. They have demonstrated various capabilities, including working together, planning for the short and long term, and making wise decisions for their family. These strengths are evident in their financial, emotional, and physical resiliency as a family. They have built a world with a stable home base and community, full of people who respect and love them, and with room for adventure and exploration. A fond memory I have of Saige begins with her sitting in a lawn chair, camping in the beautiful Hells Canyon, with one of her children snuggled on her lap. She alternated between loving on the kiddo in her lap, and providing an empathetic and loving ear to my worries. On a separate occasion, a few years back, I remember watching Perry at a family gathering on Christmas Eve. He was relaxing on the couch, playing with his own kiddos, and whatever other nieces and nephews joined in the fun, while intermittently discussing sports or work with the adults who passed through the room. It was fun to see him connect with several kids and make them giggle. Saige and Perry see people, they identify common ground and they develop and grow connections with humor, fun, empathy, and positive regard. This creates such a special kind of love that can be counted on and felt.

Kayla R. Parker Endorsed Hard-working, Fun, Religious, Loving, Trustworthy

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Jory Beal


Saige was 8 years old when I first met her and her family. To watch a child grow is a great privilege. To then see a child grow up to raise children of their own is an even greater gift. When Saige was a young teenager I was one of her church leaders. At a young age, she had a light that was full of love, faith, hope, kindness, and generosity. As Saige grew into adulthood, she introduced us to Perry. Saige and Perry compliment each other in every way. They support and strengthen each other, building and lifting those around them. Their loving marriage is the building block for their greatest gifts - their two children. They are a remarkable and influential family. Perry and Saige parent with intention and care. They recognize and honor the great stewardship and responsibility that is theirs as parents. They live an exemplary life full of love. One of Perry and Saige's most notable qualities is their faith in Jesus Christ. He is the center of their lives, their marriage, their family, and their service to those around them. They value hard-work, meaningful family activities, service, love, and kindness because Christ is at the center of all they do and how they live. This way of living shows in their joyful faces, faith-filled experiences, and meaningful lives. Christ is the source of their visible light. Life is very fragile. Perry and Saige have created a solid foundation with essential tools to navigate life with grace, commitment, and confidence. It is a privilege to rub shoulders with this incredible couple and their family. I recommend them highly and confidently.

Jory Beal Endorsed Hard-working, Fun, Religious, Loving, Trustworthy

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Heather Holm

Neighbor and friend

Perry and Saige are exceptional parents to their two children. (And, I might add, their children are well-behaved and are a joy to be around, as is their whole family.) Their home is filled with love, and that love extends to our entire neighborhood. They look out for us and unselfishly serve those around them. I am so impressed with this dear family that I can honestly say that they are some of the best neighbors I've ever had the privilege of living by. No child could ask for better parents or siblings. They truly are a forever family.

Heather Holm Endorsed Hard-working, Fun, Religious, Loving, Trustworthy

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Jacque Snooks

Family Friend

I have known Saige for 15+ years! In fact, her mom is one of my very best friends! Saige comes from one of those “salt of the earth” families! When I first met Saige she was a teenager, and she was a person I admired, even then! She is a God loving, faith-filled, hardworking gal, and has a heart of complete gold! She is always concerned for and caring for others. It was fun to watch her finish high school and find her guy! She and Perry are great together—a power couple you might say! Their relationship is strong! It is so evident that they love each other completely. While I didn’t have the same experience watching Perry as a teenager, I have been impressed with him from the first time I met him! He’s one of the good ones-the kind of guy a mom prays her daughter will marry! Saige and Perry are also excellent parents! Their two children are very well loved and cared for! Saige and Perry spend quality time with their children, and it shows! Family and family time are a priority for them! Not only do they love and adore each other and their children, they graciously serve and show love, care and kindness to their extended family, friends and community. Without any hesitation, I absolutely recommend Saige and Perry as adoptive parents! Any child would be blessed to join their beautiful, sweet loving family!

Jacque Snooks Endorsed Trustworthy, Loving, Religious, Fun, Hard-working

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