Adventurous & Compassionate Couple

Family trip to Slovakia
We are so excited to become parents! We can’t wait to hear the voice of a child fill our home. Life is so full of possibilities, beauty and wonder; we want to do it all as family. We want to share our whole lives with a child – family traditions like the annual Christmas Cookie Party and summer blueberry picking to our favorite vacation spot Disney World.

We want to share our whole lives with a child

We met back in 2010 after we found each other on an online dating site (yup, it works, we're one of "those" couples). We bonded over a shared love of books, nerdy sci-fi TV shows, movies, and travel. We have basically been inseparable ever since. Over the years we've built a fun, wacky life together and we wouldn't have it any other way.

We are both college educated (Nicole even has a Master's Degree), creative, adventurous and very loving. We live on a small farm which Nicole, the farmer, works hard to tend to every single day. As a farmer she is always outside with our chickens, in the garden, or taking care of our honey bees. Nicole can be very silly and fun and has been known to break into random fits of giggles for no apparent reason. She's very driven and ambitious but also loves to relax on the couch with our dogs and a good book. She's an amazing cook and can always find a way to make almost any dish you can think of!

Roberto is a photographer which has been his passion since college. He set up his studio in the barn right here on our farm where he works on various projects throughout the year. He can be very adventurous and open minded, he loves people and cultures from all over the world and has a great time documenting our travels with his camera. He loves to read as well and is great at reading aloud to our two young nieces (he even does different character voices). Our nieces even declared him "the world's best stuffed animal."

We both work from home, which sounds odd to a lot of people ("don't you get sick of each other?") but we love it - and it means that our schedules have a lot of flexibility which will be excellent when we bring home a baby because we'll always be there to take care of them.
Roberto (center), his father, and brother hiking on vacation in Australia

Roberto (center), his father, and brother hiking on vacation in Australia

Our special connection to adoption

All families are a little different and ours has a special connection to adoption. Both Roberto and his brother Lincoln were adopted as newborns and both grew up part of an amazing family. Because of this we are very open minded about the type of adoption situation we are willing to consider - we would embrace an open adoption and we know that the benefits that would come from that type of situation would be great for a child and help them truly understand where they came from, and how every decision made in their adoption was done out of love and caring for them.

Roberto is very excited to be an adoptee adopting

Adoption was never treated as a secret in Roberto's family and it won't be treated that way in ours. We will always try to make every decision in the best interests of the child. Roberto is very excited to be an adoptee adopting and we can't wait to share our life and experience with a child.

Adoption has always been our chosen method for building a family. As an adoptee, Roberto has very positive feelings about adoption and it always felt right for us. We couldn't be happier that adopting a baby is the next chapter in our life for us and we're very excited to share our lives with that child.
Hanging out at Roberto's surprise birthday party

Hanging out at Roberto's surprise birthday party

Our family

Our family is one big happy party. We all get along and love being together. I am not sure how we got so lucky, but we love this big family and everyone is so excited to welcome a new baby.

Everyone is so excited to welcome a new baby

Nicole's family is HUGE which means there's always someone around to help out when we need it, Roberto's family is small and full of love - together, we're the best of both worlds.

Our entire family has been supportive of our choice to adopt from the very start. They have all volunteered to help out in any way they can, Nicole's mom has already called dibs on any babysitting that needs to be done. With a family this large and with so much life experience we have an amazing support structure in place. Seriously, in our family we have a nurse, two teachers, a college administrator, several sales people, a carpenter, a "tech guy" and more - there's always someone to help with almost any problem we encounter. Plus, Roberto's dad is a great source of knowledge since he has adopted two children himself ;-)
Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!

Thank you

We can't imagine the choices you have ahead of you and all the information you're trying to process. As you make difficult decisions in search of the best life possible for your baby, we respect your struggle and we are sincerely grateful that you took the time to learn about us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We are sincerely grateful