Busy weekend!

Jun 10, 2019

Wow, this has been a busy weekend for us! Saturday Nicole had a table set up at a local vendor fair where she was selling our farm fresh maple syrup and eggs - she sold a ton! But it was a warm day in the sun which is always tough (but we celebrated with sushi for dinner). Today we were volunteering at a local charity fundraiser all morning, Roberto volunteered as the event photographer and Nicole and her parents helped out at the snack and drink table. It was a busy day but we do this every year as a family to help support a really good cause! Of course we have to leave for Germany in 2 days so we also have to pack, clean the house, re-pack, make sure the lawn gets mowed, etc etc. So there's a little bit of stress . . . but we're really excited to be going on our trip! We'll be meeting up with Roberto's dad and brother over there which will be great. We know Roberto's dad will have a lot of questions for us about our adoption journey, he's VERY excited to be a grandfather!

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