Home Again

Jun 28, 2019

We had a really fantastic trip to Germany, very tiring, but really great. It was the first real family vacation we've been able to take with Roberto's father and brother in years so it was great to see a new country, learn about the cultures, and also spend time with family. We're definitely tired from the trip home and have a lot to catch up on now that we're back, but it was a lot of fun. Now Nicole has to catch up on all the farm work that she missed while we were gone and Roberto has a few thousand photos from the trip that he needs to work through and see what he wants to do with them (print them, submit them to art galleries, etc etc). The picture for this post was taken at the peak of a mountain in the Swiss Alps that we climbed with Roberto's dad and brother for his dad's 77th birthday. Yes, at 77 years old his dad is still climbing mountains!

While we really enjoyed the trip it was hard to avoid thinking about traveling with kids and how we would manage that in the future. We definitely don't agree with parents who tell us you can't travel with young children, Roberto has been traveling since he was a month old when he flew home from Chile with his parents after being adopted so we know we want to bring our children with us wherever we go.

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