Corner shelf project

Jan 09, 2019

So when we were looking at buying a home and we took a tour of what ours would look like (it's a speck home) there was this cute little corner in between the living room and the kitchen. When we decided that this was the home we wanted, I started searching pinterest for ideas on what we could do with that corner. It needed to have character, but not anything to bulky. I came across this adorable shelf idea and knew that it was the perfect idea for the space. Two years later..... our dream was made! Hey better late than never, right?

When we started contemplating how we should do it, we knew we would need a lot more equipment than what we had on hand... and then I found a door on one of the Facebook yard sale pages and decided that for $10 we could make it work. It was a really ugly red, think like fire engine red with some random dark blue, when we picked it up and it wasn't very well put together.

Rob took the door shelves off and began to paint a layer of primer on with a paint gun. We then went to home depo and picked out a few paint chip cards to decide what we wanted it to look like. We took them home and I knew right away what color was the right one.

After we picked the paint out, Rob went to work again painting and painting, oh and painting some more. After it dried completely, he took the shelves and put them in place. There was a lot of space between the back part of the doors and the shelves so he filled it with white caulking.

Then the fun part... distressing! This is my favorite part because it where the project comes to life.. or at least that's what I think.  We got sand paper out and started sanding in random areas. Not sure if there's really a right or wrong way of doing this. Some people like more and some people like less. We then took some dark wax and a small paint brush and went over the areas. One put the wax on and one took a towel and wiped it off.. ha ha wax on wax off :) a little Karate Kid for you.. okay now I just made us sound old :/

After everything dried we put the final touch on, the door knob! I searched forever for the perfect knob.. in fact I bought the knob before I bought the door.

The decoration is complete yet, but you get the idea. Such a fun project to work on together! Who knows what we will come up with next...