• 3 Fun loving
  • 3 Honest and Open
  • 3 Kind and Caring

"Rebecca and I first became friends at work and then over the years we developed into real friends. I consider her one of my lifetime friends because she is the real-deal. She knows what's important in life: family, friends, health and faith. She and I have been through thick and thin together and she always made the right decisions. She is one of those people you want at your side when the going gets tough. Indeed, when my own life was in peril, she was always there with uplifting encouragement and "watching my back" at work when I was recovering. And Mark is just like her and he reminds me of my own husband--- a man of high integrity and true life partner. I also admire their parenting style of an active, smart, adorable little boy! They are truly among the best people and parents I know. Anne Keys"

Anne Keys ENDORSED | Fun Loving, Honest And Open, Kind And Caring

"It's hard to put into words how much we love this family. Rebecca and Mark are the most consistently kind, generous and supportive people I know. Their home is always open to neighbors and friends, which they make very easily. They are interested in new ideas and different points of view, and both are well-educated have a lot of interests. Most of all, Rebecca and Mark are steady and loving parents. Their first adopted child is their number-one priority and the light of their lives. We enjoy seeing or talking to him as often as possible, and we love the photos and videos they share with us and their family. He is a fun and silly boy, and he is just as happy, kind and welcoming as Mark and Rebecca. We love him very much. I know that their next adopted child will be equally loved, nurtured and supported because that is just how Rebecca and Mark are. Rebecca went with me to Russia to adopt my now 18 year-old daughter, and Rebecca has remained a central figure in her life even though we now live half the continent away. And, my daughter adores Mark. When she was young, she cried when Mark left after Christmas because who would now fix her new toy that he had already once repaired? When we visited them in New Jersey and went to the beach, she would only go in the water if Mark held her hand because she intuitively knew that he would and could protect her. I highly recommend Rebecca and Mark as adoptive parents. And, if you choose them, please know that your child will also be celebrated, loved and supported by their extended family and friends."

Peggy Landon ENDORSED | Fun Loving, Honest And Open, Kind And Caring

"Rebecca and Mark are kind, loving parents. Their son Valen is a happy, funny, loving little boy who is clearly cherished by his parents. Rebecca and Mark love each other deeply and treat each other with kindness and respect. They are terrific parents and are loyal, honest friends. My life is richer because of them."

Sabina Gasper ENDORSED | Fun Loving, Honest And Open, Kind And Caring

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