"Megan and Brandon are amazing people! They are fantastic with kids and my kids get super excited when they visit or when we go visit them. They love their Auntie and Uncle time! They always have fun things planned whether it's an outing or just playing games at home or reading books. My kids are very lucky to have them in their lives and I cannot wait for them to become parents themselves. "

Jennifer Noonan ENDORSED | Patient, Kind, Loving, Great Sense Of Humor, Caring

"I've taught in the classroom next door to Megan for many years and we've become great friends. She and Brandon will make the best parents to one lucky baby, both their hearts and their home are ready for a little bundle of joy! "

Kelly Cloak ENDORSED | Patient, Kind, Loving, Great Sense Of Humor, Caring

"When our nieces and nephews were young, one of them let it slip that Aunt Megan was her favorite. How could I take offense? She’d have been my favorite, too, with all the love and happiness she showered on them. Neither she nor my brother were ever too tired to play the 200th game of air hockey with the kids, or too caught up in adult concerns to toss them in the air or make some goofball joke that put wide, toothy smiles on their faces. It was always obvious: Megan and Brandon were all the kids’ favorites. But even with their joy and light-heartedness, these two know that loving a child isn’t always fun and games. Being the much older sister, I’ve watched Brandon grow from being an introspective, polite teenager to a mature man with traits like integrity, discipline, respect and patience, all characteristics of a good father and role model. And as long as I’ve known her, Megan has always been the kind to put others before herself. As a 7th grade math teacher, she has a natural talent for nurturing children no matter their background. It’s so easy to imagine the day my brother and his wife become “Mommy” and “Daddy,” that precious child in Megan’s arms and Brandon holding them both so close, thankful for the miracle that made them a family. I join them – our entire family joins them – in prayer and support for the mother who sees in them the parents she desires for her baby. We ALL love this baby, and our hearts know Megan and Brandon are going to be wonderful parents. P.S. The profile photo is one of me and Brandon from so many years ago when he graduated from high school! "

Beth Reece ENDORSED | Patient, Kind, Loving, Great Sense Of Humor, Caring

"My husband and I became friends with Brandon and Megan when we moved to North Carolina a few years ago. They made us feel so welcome throughout our transition and were supportive and helpful anytime we needed anything. I could truly not think of two better and more deserving people to be amazing parents. Brandon and Megan are amazing friends, always putting others first and providing support for others and I know they will be kind, loving, and fun parents. Brandon is a hardworking and genuine person and Megan is an amazing teacher and role-model for all of her students. They will both provide a stable, loving, and supportive home for their children."

Amelia Lower ENDORSED | Patient, Kind, Loving, Great Sense Of Humor, Caring

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