Trip to Galveston

Jan 04, 2021

It was so fun to visit Galveston with Roxy and Parker.  They LOVED the beach!  We can't wait to go back! 

Holidays with Family

Jan 04, 2021

Since we weren't able to travel to see family this year, we virtually attended our cousin's high school theater performance!  

Vacation to New Mexico

Jul 06, 2020

We just went on a fun mini-vacation to New Mexico. We stopped in Amarillo and Taos on the way there and had a great time enjoying the change of scenery. We took our dogs along with us too!

Getting the baby’s room ready!

May 01, 2020

Brian’s been busy getting the baby’s room painted!!! We think the yellow color is just perfect! 

Happy Easter

Apr 13, 2020

We normally host our entire family for an elaborate Easter buffet, but this year we enjoyed a quiet lunch together from our favorite restaurant. We hope that you are having a wonderful Easter!


Apr 11, 2020

We love to go to see plays and musicals.  Of course, we haven't been able to go since self-isolation started. However, one of our favorite theaters shared one of their new shows online. So we were able to watch it at home!  It was the perfect date night!

Keeping busy during COVID-19

Apr 05, 2020

It's a very weird time right now as we are all stuck at home and uncertain as to when we will see our friends and family again.  Both of us are now working from home and are very grateful for the stability our jobs! 

We are doing our best to have fun, play with our dogs, get outside, and continue to achieve our goals. Robin keeps busy by baking, distance running, and reading new books. Brian is painting the baby's room and working to get our space ready for our new addition!

We hope that you are safe and healthy and hope that we are able to meet you very soon. 


Robin and Brian

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