Oct 04, 2019

Here we are, just waiting. I guess that's what we do. I can honestly say that I was scared at first, we all were. Now, we pray for the opportunity to have our lives changed and blessed. So yes, we are waiting. Just like everyone else does. I don't think it makes it any easier knowing that we aren't the only ones just waiting on a miracle, but it makes us long to open our hearts and lives to the experience and love that that moment will bring. Whether it's welcoming one little spirit into our hearts, or having our family grow with the many spirits that come from the one gift, we are so looking forward to it. As I watch the kids grow, I see what amazing kids they are, and know that they will be forever changed and blessed when we finally find our little person and that little person, will be blessed by these kids. We are so excited, we are so anxious for the miracle to find us. We look forward to it, to meeting you and/or them. 

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