Sarah & Nathan

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Meet Nathan

Hello, I'm Nathan! I work in construction and enjoy working with my hands. This looks like lots of outside time and time in my workshop! I value hard work and providing for my family. Some of my other hobbies include disc golf, watching Formula 1, and music. I play the ukulele and the bass guitar, and enjoy leading worship at our church! I volunteer with the youth (6th grade-12th grade) at church and am passionate about helping young people wade through the complex emotions of teenage years. I want them to know that they are cared for no matter where they're at. I love making people laugh, and hanging out with friends fills me up emotionally. I am half Finnish and grew up being very proud of my Finnish heritage. I believe it's important to learn about your culture and know where you came from. I have a Parks & Recreation degree and have worked full time in christian camping in the past.

Meet Sarah

Hi I'm Sarah! I am currently the Children's Minister at our church, but have also been a Special Education teacher. In my current position I get to train parents, love on kiddos, choose curriculum, plan a lot of super fun events and lead children closer to Christ. Every job I have ever had since I was 16 has been with children, and I feel so blessed by that. I believe kiddos are one of God's greatest gifts and that we can learn so much from them! Children hold so much value in my heart and in God's heart and are truly my passion. I have a Psychology degree and am very interested in learning more about the human experience and how others think. I love true crime podcasts, having deep conversations with friends, painting, being outside, working out and plants! I am a true introvert, but showing empathy and connecting with others is important to me. My goal in my interactions is to help people feel more known and less alone.

Our Pets

We. Love. Our. Pets! They are truly a part of our family and they bring so much joy into our lives! We have two rabbits named Nala and LB (Lil Baby) who are under two years old. They live outside in a hutch Nathan built, and like to be pet and fed lots of veggies! We also have two cats named Callie and Hobbes. They are from the same litter and we have had them since they were 6 weeks old! They are the snuggliest, sweetest, goofiest cats you'll ever meet! We know they will welcome a baby into the family!

Our Home & Community

We live in small town Texas and could not love our community more! We bought our house 5 years ago and are so thankful for it every day. Our home is on a quarter of an acre lot, so our backyard has lots of room to play in! We live less than a mile from the local schools and have multiple community parks in walking distance. Our town is diverse and situated on a river so there's plenty of outdoor activities to participate in! We are located about an hour away from two different major cities, so we can enjoy the big city life easily! We have a large group of close friends who we consider family, and are incredibly invested in our church community.


Our goal is to have many traditions that promote family time together, fun and deeper relationships. We want to make eating dinner together each night a priority and spend time in meaningful conversation. We look forward to celebrating holidays together and with extended family! Our family will vacation yearly and make memories together that we can reminisce about. We will be sure to laugh often and make even the most mundane moments fun.

How We Spend Our Time

We like having fun together! We have traveled to Tennessee, Washington D.C., Mississippi, and have been to Mexico multiple times. We love exploring all that Texas has to offer and have been to many Texas towns! A lot of our free time is spent with our church family either volunteering or hanging out. We're foodies and enjoy eating good food together! We like camping and even have a camper to enjoy. Anytime we are together is a good time and we genuinely appreciate each other's company.

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