Sailing under the Golden Gate
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Hi! Thanks for taking the time to visit our page and learn a little bit about us. We're excited for the opportunity to grow our family with adoption. We'll give you a brief intro to us, and we hope to have the chance to get to know you as well.

We met in Maryland, while we were both working at the Johns Hopkins hospital. We quickly became friends, and then more than friends, and finally were married while living in Boston (destination wedding in San Diego!). After six years in Boston we moved out to California and love living in the beautiful Bay area. We have been married for 9 years.

We love to spend time outdoors, which is great in California with easy access to mountains, the ocean, wildlife, and more. We love to hike, whether it's a day hike in the area or a backpacking trip in the mountains. We also do a lot of traveling together - we've visited 23 countries together and 6 continents! For us, traveling is a great chance to learn about other cultures, see incredible sights, and experience how people live all around the world. Almost everything that we do, we do together - going to the gym, cooking dinner, walking around downtown are all better together.

We both come from large families (7 siblings for Sharla, 6 siblings for Ben) and spend a lot of time visiting with family who now live all over the country. We have 28 nieces and nephews! We're fortunate to be able to spend time with family often.
My first time making croissants!

My first time making croissants!

A little bit about Sharla

I'm 100% Native American. I grew up spending lots of time outdoors, hanging out in my small town in Utah, and playing sports (volleyball and basketball are my favorites!). I studied to become an occupational therapist and now work in a hospital. I love my job because I get to work with people who are very sick, and help them build up strength and put them on the path to recovery. I also find joy in service - I do volunteer work each week at a center that uses horseback riding to provide therapy for kids and veterans.

In my spare time I enjoy baking, going to book club, and taro milk with boba. I recently picked up running as a new hobby, and ran 3 half marathons in the past year (but have no desire to run a full marathon). My Native American heritage is also important to me, and I love going to pow-wows as often as I can.
Hiking to a lighthouse

Hiking to a lighthouse

A little bit about Ben

I grew up in Arizona, but loved living on the East coast and now am having a great time in California. I've always been good at math, and after studying that in college I now work in data science at a tech company.

Since I work inside all day, I enjoy getting out on the weekends. One of my favorite hobbies is sailing, which I started learning while we were living in Boston. I love the calming sounds of the winds and waves, and Sharla and I have done a few overnight sailing trips together.

I love wildlife, and have a special place in my heart for birds. Whenever we go on trips I always snap a few pictures of the different birds we see. I also love music - I started playing the violin when I was 6 years old, and now I play violin at church, for friends, and whenever Sharla wants to hear a song. When we're winding down at home, I like watching movies and football, and I can probably quote from nearly every episode of Seinfeld. I always look for opportunities to share the things that I love with others. I've taught violin lessons to kids and have also tutored kids in math. Some of them even got really good at it!
The start of our family

The start of our family

Our future family

We feel that we have been guided by God to adoption. We know that adopting is the right way for us to grow our family and we're looking forward to the new relationships it will bring into our lives. All of the things we love to do, whether it's traveling or camping or hanging out at home, are better with family.

We're both calm, loving, patient people. Our future children will always know that they have our unconditional love and support. We will teach them to have faith in God and to serve others, by serving together with them. We will share all of our hobbies with them and help them to find their passions. We will teach them that through work and study they can become whatever they want to be.

We understand that adoption is a huge decision and we appreciate you taking the time to learn about us. We look forward to having an open, supportive relationship with you. There's so much more that could be said, so please feel free to reach out to us. We'd love to get to know you and to answer any questions you have. Adoption will be a blessing in our lives, and we hope we can be a blessing in yours.

With love,
Sharla and Ben
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