A Little About Us

Feb 21, 2021

A little about us: We met about nine years ago at a dinner party. We both had a mutual friend who hosted an event for about 30 people. We ended up sitting next to each other. We liked each other, but were both a little shy about it. Amy: When Shaun called, I was really excited to talk to him, and we went on our first two dates (frozen yogurt, and then to see the lights at temple square). We hit it off and had more fun dates like tubing and movies, and Shaun even brought over some tools and fixed a few things around the house! Most importantly, we laughed a lot! We both love hiking and kayaking and doing things outdoors, But we also both love plays and musicals and the symphony. We both agree that the day we got married was the best day of our lives! We are so grateful for each other and we'd love to share the joy we have.

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