Once Upon A Time: The Shawn & Joe Story

Napa, California
Hello, it’s so nice to meet you...

Thank you for opening your heart to us, and for wanting to look into ours :)

We are beyond excited and grateful that you are reading our profile. We know that you probably feel a lot of different emotions right now, not all of them may be so easy. Although we have never met you, we just want to say, you are special and amazing. Most of all, you are strong and brave. Thank you for opening your heart to us, and for wanting to look into ours...

Joe and I don’t have any children together, but it’s not for lack of trying, praying, and hoping. Over the past 4 years, after untold numbers of fertility treatments and setbacks, we lost two babies on our journey to starting a family; one in the first trimester, and the most painful, one at almost 5 months pregnant. Both girls. The second one we nicknamed “Mulch”. It’s a weird-funny story. We were driving by a garden center when we found out we were pregnant, and…

We feel very lucky to be meeting you, even if right now it’s just via computer. As we look at the faces of all the couples who have posted their profiles on this website, I see so many beating hearts just like ours, so many couples like us, who yearn to love and nurture a little 'dude' or 'dudette'. So we hope you read on, because we would love for you to get to know us. We cannot wait to give a loving, affectionate, extraordinary home to your little one. (PS: and yes, we are ready. The crib and changer are already upstairs, and the gliding rocker from PB Kids arrives in a week. Ha! I'm a little OCD so I like to be prepared.He he.)
My niece's Christening; I'm her Godmother!

My niece's Christening; I'm her Godmother!

Shawn Before Joe

Oh my gosh, where to begin. Well, I talk a lot, I feel a lot, and I dream like crazy. I have a big brother, he’s 8 years older than me, and we are very close.

I worked for the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather...

He used to live in Paris & London, now he lives in Tennessee. He and his wife Melissa (who is like the sister I never had) have two little kiddos, a girl and boy, ages 10 and 6. They are a huge part of my heart, Joe’s too. As for my parents, they live in Michigan. My Mom is an artist from Iowa, my Dad is a lawyer from Illinois.

Because of my Dad's international job, I grew up partially in Mexico City, Mexico. It was by far, one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. As a kid I spoke fluent Spanish, and I learned early on that the world is a big and beautiful place yearning to be discovered. As a kid, I also used to dance (tap jazz ballet) and act in community theater. For college, I went to Penn State. Out of college I moved to NYC to pursue my TV dreams. I worked for the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather and the Late Show with David Letterman. My young, carefree, dreamer days in NYC were some of my fondest. Along the way I chased TV jobs around the country, living in places like upstate New York, Orlando, Chicago. Chasing my career dreams meant I saved finding love for later in life...and that’s where Joe comes in.
Joe's graduation

Joe's graduation

Joe Before Shawn

Joe is a tender 6’4” teddy bear. He has worked in the career and beauty education field for almost 20 years. Joe has a big sister (she is incredible, she recently survived breast cancer and a double mastectomy) and a younger brother.

Joe is a tender, 6’4” teddy bear!

Joe's Dad (we call him “Pop”) worked in law enforcement his whole career, he was a proud Philly cop. "Pop" passed away from Cancer in 2015. “Pop” was Joe’s hero.

Joe’s Mom has been in heaven for many years. She never got the chance to see Joe be the first in his family to go to college. Joe went to Drexel and Temple, and he played semi pro baseball during his college days. Growing up, Joe lived in a city row home. His Dad worked the night shift and that meant he and his siblings were home alone a lot. On those nights alone, the kids would drag their mattresses downstairs and sleep next to the front door, just in case something happened and they needed to get out quickly. It wasn’t an easy life, but they were loved deeply. “Pop” raised Joe and his siblings to be hard workers, and honest. Over summer break, “Pop” would pool his money and take them to the beach, the Jersey shore. They would stay in one of those old seaside motels. To this day, Joe loves the beach.

Joe's two sons are his pride and joy, they are teenagers in high school now, one starts college in Fall 2017. Joe loves being a Dad, his heart swells for his kids. Joe was married once before me, fresh out of college, young and just starting out. His boys' Mom is a lovely lady and together, we are a close modern family. The boys live with her and together, we make love, education, and character-building, a big part of our parenting lives.

"I love you to the moon and back!"

Our Life Together...

Joe and I have made our home in a stone farmhouse in Pennsylvania that sits on 6 acres. Almost every day we are greeted by deer, whole families of them, munching on our backyard…and a groundhog we nicknamed Gary, who keeps getting fatter by the day.

For Joe and I, our family comes first.

We dream of raising a little 'bundle' to know God...

We love spending time with them, especially at holidays in front of a Christmas tree or fire, watching movies and laughing together. Proof of how close we are with our families: my brother was my ‘Man of Honor’ at our wedding and Joe's two sons were his ‘Best Men’. As for friends, our inner circle is small and very tightknit. We have known most of our best friends since childhood. Mine are a group of girls I went to high school with in Michigan. They are like my sisters. Joe has known his three closest friends since childhood and college. As for our couples friends, Karen and Gene, our dear neighbors and Christian mentors, are our closest. Karen is a therapist, Gene is a family doctor. They lead our bible study & are our spiritual rock.

Joe and I normally host Thanksgiving and Christmas at our house. I start Christmas decorating even before Halloween. I play the Charlie Brown Christmas CD like it’s going out of style, and it drives Joe a little crazy because it’s on a constant loop in our kitchen. We normally have 3 trees: one on the back patio, one in the foyer, and one in the family room right next to our stone fireplace. We burn apple cinnamon and pumpkin spice candles all season long, and our tree topper is from my childhood; she’s an angel from the 1970’s (minus part of her skirt from when our tree lights as a kid, burned a hole in it). Joe likes colored lights, I like white lights. These are very important matters in our house. In the spirit of compromise, last year we got an artificial tree that has color changing lights so we each get our way. And of course since we host Christmas and that means my young niece and nephew are here, so is “Elf on Shelf”…and he has a habit of popping up in the most random places.

In closing...Joe and I have wanted to start a family together since the word “I do”. We have had some heartbreaking setbacks along the way, but we trust in God and believe everything happens for a reason. We cannot wait to bring a baby into our cozy-loving-wonderful home. We dream of raising a little 'bambino' to know God, and to discover the beauty of following your life’s dreams. Nothing is out of reach, no dream too big, if you have love, encouragement, passion, and you never give up. Joe and I believe that honesty, respect, gratitude, and hard work, are some of the best and most important things you can teach a little person. Together we can’t wait for the chance to help shape a little life. We would just love to hear from you...

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