This Is Us

Oct 11, 2020

As you are trying to decide what is best for your baby it is not lost on us that there are many thoughts and questions running through your mind.  To help understand who we are we created a video about us.  So if you are curious about who we are and what it would be like to be a part of our family please check out our video.  If you have any questions or just want to start a conversation please click on the contact button located on the main page and/or email us at


Sunday’s Are For Baseball

Sep 20, 2020

Sunday’s in our house are family time.  During baseball season we spend most Sunday’s at Nats Park as our season tickets include all Sunday home games.  Our seats are covered and in the shade so we are there rain or shine.  We can’t wait until next season when we are able to attend in person and hope to have a little one to share America’s favorite pastime with.  

Dinner With Family

Sep 16, 2020

Stefanie’s mom lives a mile from our house and usually comes over once or twice a week for dinner.  She is so excited to be a grandmother and can wait to play with her first grandchild.  

Baby Nursey

Sep 13, 2020

As you look through our photos you may notice there is no picture of a baby nursery.  Although we have an empty room waiting to be decorated we are waiting to see if the expectant mom wants to help with this.  Even if we are matched after the baby is born there will be time before we need a crib.  We know we want a rocking chair to read to our child, rock him or her to sleep and just snuggle but in terms of color and theme Stefanie has some ideas in mind but we are open to doing this with the expectant mom.   


Aug 22, 2020

On Monday Jeremy and I celebrated our seventh anniversary as well as almost 28 years of friendship.  Normally we go out to dinner by ourselves or with our parents but this year we celebrated at home.  Jeremy surprised me by making ice box lemonade pie which was my favorite pie from our trip.  We are looking forward to the year ahead and hope to celebrate next year with a child.  

Video Fun

Aug 19, 2020

Jeremy has been hard at work making a video of our trip to Michigan.  If you want to learn a little bit about what it’s like to travel with us check out Jeremy’s video.   

Organ Music

Aug 16, 2020

Jeremy loves the sound of organs music.  He can spot the sound of an organ anywhere. Here he is in front of an old street organ.   Check our our video page for Jeremy’s organ lesson on the very old organ at our temple.   

Pictured Rocks National Park

Aug 06, 2020

Today we went to Pictured Rocks National Park and did a hike around the lake where we saw the beautiful shoreline.  There were so many rock formations and breath taking views.  We could not get over the color of the water and how clean it is. Our country has so many beautiful national parks and we look forward to exploring them with our child someday.  

Vacation Time

Aug 02, 2020

We wanted to escape the DC summer heat so we decided to spend a week in Michigan.  Jeremy used to visit Michigan on his way home from summer camp so he was excited to plan this trip.  First stop Grand Rapids.  We went to a beautiful sculpture garden with a Japanese garden.  They also had a section for kids which we look forward sharing with a child.  We ended the day with a historical walk in the city. The owner of last  house in the tour was outside and he said we should look at the garden out back.  

Celebrating Jeremy’s Birthday

Jul 05, 2020

Yesterday, in addition to July 4th, we celebrated Jeremy’s birthday. Most years, we are either traveling or at a July 4th party, but this year we had a relaxing day at home where Stefanie prepared chicken kabobs for Jeremy to grill and baked a homemade cake for Jeremy’s birthday and the holiday. Stefanie’s mom was able to join us and we FaceTimed with Jeremy’s family in Florida and California when it was time to sign happy birthday.

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