His or Her’s? Ready either way!

Apr 15, 2018

Here’s a little something about me....I love needlepointing!  My grandmother was fabulous at sewing, knitting and needlepoint and when I was little, she taught me how to do it.  I find it relaxing and when I’m working on something, I can really get lost in my thoughts.  The journey of adopting has made me reflective about many different things.  I think about the difficult decisions you are facing and how hard that must be.  I think about a life that I hope to share with a baby.  I worry about never meeting you and I worry about how you are doing. I hope and pray that what is meant to be will be.  

And during these reflective times, I work on my needlepoint projects...Christmas stockings for either a girl or a boy!!!  I sit and work away on both because I want to be ready!  They will both remain partially incomplete until I meet them, then I will add their name but I wanted to share a little something about me. I’m so ready for this and am so looking forward to getting to know a little something about you too!!


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