Back to Nature

Apr 30, 2020

Since we haven’t got to travel or go anywhere we decided to take a couple days off and enjoy nature. We decided to go to the ranch and hangout with our nephews and their parents. We hiked and went fishing. It was nice not being cooped up in the house because of COVID-19. Hope you all are staying safe. 


Apr 01, 2020

Since I cannot go to work right now due to the COVID19 virus. I have decided to finish up the nursery. I started it awhile back but it’s been hard for me to finish. It now brightens my day knowing that one day a child will get to enjoy this sweet room and be able to call it their own. Since we’re open to a boy or girl we decided on a traditional green with woodland animals. Hopefully you’ll love it as much as we do. -Tamara

Before the Quarantine

Mar 27, 2020

Before the quarantine back early March we were able to go to the mountains for a couple of days. It was nice to get out an enjoy some fresh mountain air. I went skiing with my family while Courtney stayed at the cabin to babysit our 7 month old nephew. He would rather babysit than ski anyway. To top off our skiing my 3 year old nephew was able to ski on his own. I was so excited to be there to experience this first with him. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!            - Tamara

Lubbock Bound!

Mar 02, 2020

This weekend we drove to Lubbock, Texas to enjoy a little basketball. Courtney got me tickets to my Alma Mater, Texas Tech to watch a Men's Basketball game. We haven't gone to a game in a while, so I was beyond excited. Even though they lost in the last minute we loved every bit of it.  

Our Home

Feb 20, 2020

Our house is a three bedroom and two bath. We have a large living room and a long narrow dining room. Which is great for our long dining room table. We love to cook so it's perfect for us. We have a massive backyard for living in town. We have several large trees to hopefully have swings under one day. Also, we have a spot in the backyard for a garden. Courtney loves having a garden, where we can get our own fresh vegetables during the summer and fall.

Our Wedding (Told By Tamara)

Feb 20, 2020

We got married in early fall at my grandparent's ranch. Our wedding was in their backyard beside the pool. This is the exact same place my parents got married thirty- two years ago. It was always my dream to get married there too. It was a beautiful fall afternoon and it was the greenest the ranch had been in many years. It was not a big wedding. We only had close friends and family attend. We just wanted two families to come and have fun for our special day.

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