• 9 Fun
  • 9 Responsible
  • 9 Caring
  • 9 Family oriented
  • 8 Adventurous and Outdoorsy
  • 9 Kind
  • 9 Animal lovers

"We can't imagine that a child could have any better or more loving parents. We have known them in both a business and social relationship and are very favorably impressed in both atmospheres. Their children will be raised in a good Christian and loving home."

"I’ve had the honor of knowing Taryn and Michael for the last 5 years. What started as a work friendship blossomed into a life long friendship. Taryn and I have grown to be very close. She’s the most selfless, kind, and considerate person, yet at the same time she lights up a room with her smile and joy. Even when Taryn has a bad day, she’s the person I want to be around. I can’t wait to see her be a momma because I know how much love she has to give. Her and Michael together are ying and yang, and they balance one another so well. Together they make an awesome team and I know they will be wonderful parents! "

"I have known Taryn and Michael for over 4 years. In that time, I have developed close friendships with both of them, as well as mutual respect. They are kind hearted, hardworking, and extremely generous friends. Their desire to have a child is whole-hearted, and I cannot wait to see them as parents. They are both great with kids and prioritize time with their nieces and nephews. We have also bonded on how much we love our pets and treat them as children! I know they will create a loving, patient, and supportive home and any child would be blessed to call them parents. "

"Taryn and Michael are amazing people and I've known them for 15 years. They are going to make the most wonderful parents. Their hearts are so full of love and they want to share that love with children. Taryn is going to be such a great mother. She is so gentle and her heart is kind. Michael is caring and calm and will be a strong leader for his family. This baby is going to be so loved and cared for. "

"Taryn and Michael are two wonderful individuals who have shown others how to be fun-loving, kind and responsible in all things involving family. As a married couple, they have dedicated themselves to each other and want to expand their family with the adoption of a child. As my sister, Taryn has shown my personal children love, respect and kindness in so many ways. She has been a phenomenal part of their lives in ways such as family events, vacations and school events. Taryn is a wonderful role model to my children and she is someone that they look up to in all aspects. Micheal is also a blessing to my personal children as he continues to be a great example to them in many ways. He is always including them in outdoor adventures, everyday activities and family vacations. As a couple, they continue to persevere in life and meet challenges that lay ahead of them together. They will be extraordinary parents in all ways and will provide a caring home for a child. I would entrust them with a gift from God and would go confidently believing that they would succeed on this special opportunity if it were given to them. Taryn and Michael are two very pleasant and joyful individuals who continue to live life to the fullest and would love to give the same opportunity to a little one. As they continue on this path of adoption, I hope and pray that one day they will be given the glorious opportunity to bring a light into the world with the adoption of precious child. "

"I have known both Michael and Taryn for about 15 years dating back to our college years. Their wedding was beautiful and their relationship has been a privilege to see. Both Taryn and Michael are kind and caring individuals. They have babysat their nieces/nephews over the years, demonstrating their skills with children. I have gone to visit Taryn at her office and she had a niece and nephew with her and they were beyond excited that they got to spend the night with Taryn and Michael. Both always speak of their family with love and it shows. They are both family oriented and always try to make time for their families. When I have taken my children to visit, both Taryn and Michael have shown them nothing but love. They take in rescue dogs demonstrating the hearts they have always wanting to help and nurture. They are both giving and compassionate individuals and any child would be lucky to have them as parents. Taryn has such an optimistic attitude and approaches everything with a positive mentality. Michael has shown patience in dealing with people and circumstances. Both Taryn and Michael have great qualities, I don’t just say that, I have seen it. I know that I can always count on both of them and I am grateful for their friendship. Their hearts are so full of love and I know they will bring so much happiness and joy to a special individual. "

"I confidently recommend Michael and Taryn as adoptive parents. I worked with this couple for 10 years and know how much love they have to share with a child. Adoption will complete this family. "

"We highly recommend our sister and brother-in-law. You could not ask for two better people than them. They are phenomenal people who have the biggest hearts and truly care for others. They are always very welcoming of others and always put others first. They are very involved in their community with volunteering, fundraising and church activities. They love our children like they are their own. Our children adore Aunt Taryn & Uncle Michael! They are always there for our children during their sporting events, performances, birthday parties, holidays, vacations, and family get-togethers. They are the best aunt and uncle ever! My sister and brother-in-law are going to be phenomenal parents and will give so much love and compassion to a special child. I can't wait to be an aunt again and get to spoil their child like they have ours!"

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