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"To Whom It May Concern: I have known Giustina Miller for my whole life, and I have known Dr. Roger Miller for more than ten years. Giustina is my older sister and someone in whom I have looked up to and aspired to be. Roger, I met while just a kid in middle school and who through the years I have watched become a great husband and man of God. I have had the privilege of observing the love that these two individuals have for each other. They have grown together and make incredible teammates. More importantly, I have been blessed to see their love for God. They desire to follow God’s leading in their life and to trust Him through everything, even when it is difficult. Giustina’s heart is tender, kind, silly, and radiates warmth and love. She is hardworking and driven to pursue the dreams and passions written on her heart. Roger’s heart is steadfast, brave, goofy, sweet, and filled with all-encompassing love. He is smart and determined, working hard to fulfill the dreams and passions in his heart. Together they have created a home environment that is overflowing in love. They enjoy hosting both sides of their families for holidays, events, parties, anything they can to celebrate together. Together they enjoy spending quality time with their 11 nieces and nephews, making sure each one feels special and loved. The two are active in church and often volunteer in various activities within the community. I do not know anything in their character or history that would prevent them from being successful and loving adoptive parents. I give my unreserved recommendation that they are allowed to adopt a child/children. Sincerely, Briana Keizer "

"To whom it may concern, I have known Roger and Giustina for 9 years. I met both of them while I was only in high school and grew to know them better as I began dating Roger's younger brother Paul. While I now get the privilege of calling them family, they started out as my friends and I am grateful to still call them friends. Outside of our familial connection, I have attended school and church with them for many years and have witnessed their hard work ethic and love for the Lord. As a result, I can say that they not only touch our family in a special way, but they also touch their community in special ways. From watching Giustina’s leadership skills in high school to observing her perseverance and entrepreneurship as an adult, I quickly learned that she is someone who gives her all to everything she does and believes in. Similarly, Roger has always exhibited a hard work ethic and intellect that has not only driven him to success in his career but that drives him to create a safe, welcoming, and thriving home life. Both Roger and Giustina are incredible caregivers to their 11 nieces and nephews. They not only shower them with love and playfulness, but they strive to teach them respect and character growth. They have helped our whole family cherish little moments of laughter and joy, especially with their yearly Christmas video highlighting memories of all 11 nieces and nephews in each stage of life. Additionally, they have served in their community and in church ministries (including children’s ministries), and they use their resources and talents to give generously to those around them. Most importantly, Roger and Giustina have a strong and thriving relationship centered on the Lord. It is obvious that they are each other’s best friends. They have their priorities in order with a central focus on God and a desire to share His love with each other and with everyone around them. For as long as I can remember, they have talked about their dream of children and, specifically, of adoption. I have never known anyone so passionate about the privilege of adoption. I have no doubt that they will love, cherish, uplift and guide any child that they are blessed to call their own. They will be incredible parents! I cannot recommend them enough to undertake the responsibility of adoption! They have so much love to share and any child would be blessed to call them mom and dad! Sincerely, Kaitlyn Miller, MDiv "

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