"My name is Jeffrey Jensen. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and consider myself highly educated and able to make sound decisions. I have known Laura Thompson for 23 years and Bo Thompson for 20 years. I consider them both very close friends. I met Laura in church when she was recently returned from a mission from our church and she was a beacon of hope and a pillar of faith for me as I was just returning to being active in church. A bunch of us friends were very close and supported each other in many ways. I later served a mission until 2000. When I returned, Bo and Laura were dating and that gave me the opportunity to also get to know Bo’s personality. We have since had many kids, gone on trips together, laughed and cried together. They understand me very well and have been there for me in times of need. I understand both Bo and Laura to be people of integrity. They put deep thought into their decisions so I know they didn’t make this decision lightly to adopt. They have so much love to give and I feel they would be amazing parents to any others that would enter their family. They both have deep rooted faith. This faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will be tied to their parenting skills. I pray that Bo and Laura will have the opportunity to adopt a child that will benefit from their love and desire to serve. "

"I have watched these parents grow their family from its inception. They are loving, intelligent, fun, productive, faithful and caring parents. They have demonstrated a disciplined approach to raising their three daughters who are developing into beautiful young ladies. Bo (Robert) and Laura take time with each of their children. They have daddy and mommy dates with each of their daughters. They regularly take family vacations to interesting places to discover the world around them. They also maintain close contacts with their extended family including participation at family reunions. They have great relationships with all their extended family members who are supportive of their desire to adopt. "

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